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Hunt & buy farm equipment on AFGRI ‘digital supershop’


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AFGRI Equipment, the biggest agricultural equipment dealer in Southern Africa, has embarked on a digital on-line sales journey of second hand farming equipment. Farmers who visit the modern website will have access to/receive information about an extensive selection of first-class used equipment. So far there are already 200 units on the list with a combined value of R200 million.

“AFGRI Equipment believes that the change-over to a digital process and a virtual shop floor will reach 30% more potential buyers. Research showed that 89% of all business transactions only take place after buyers have done on-line research for products on the internet,” says Etienne Meyer, AFGRI Equipment’s marketing manager. “This encouraged the company to establish a dynamic and user-friendly platform to assist buyers to find the desired equipment.”

“This list is updated weekly and provides intending buyers with valuable information with a click-to-call function, which gives cellphone users a shortcut with access to the required forms to be completed, and a live chat room manned by skilled staff.”

“The equipment business relies on relationships and personal contact and we understand that a purely virtual automated shop will not work for our people. That is why our model provides for long distance human contact, albeit on the other end of the monitor screen! Our clients represent the reason for our existence and it is important that they should have an enjoyable, top-quality experience,” says Etienne.

Already the digital AFGRI Equipment supershop not only has 200 agricultural units on its menu – there is also an active ‘I’m looking for list’ on which buyers can post their needs. Notices are then sent to all equipment suppliers. “This service is aimed at establishing exactly what our client base is looking for without any strings attached and provides us with an opportunity to go the extra mile,” says Etienne.

The website has easily understandable filters and product categories which will take the users to the desired products. Furthermore there are also power output categories, making it easy to find the correct slot. High resolution photographs, which can be enlarged by the user to see finer detail, makes the website a paradise for buyers.

However, it is not only used equipment that can be found on the online shop – there is also room for special offers and an inter-active map which shows exactly where the equipment is available, or where the well-trained team of AFGRI Equipment can be found.

The electronic information revolution has made it possible for the information to be had with the press of a computer key. AFGRI Equipment is well in the forefront to take digital transactions directly to the farm. Many more improvements to the process are planned to shorten the search process and make the actual buying easier and more enjoyable.

For more information about the online information and electronic equipment search and buying experience, go the website

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