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Grow more with less water with Agri600

Agri600 Water Manager is a water retaining liquid, known as Flobond DI2010, ideal for crops and lawns. Flobond DI2010 saves up to 50% water for 2 to 3 months after application. Flobond DI2010 is imported from Europe and now available to South African farmers.

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Agri600, Dust and Water Management specialists South Africa, in collaboration with SNF Floerger France specializes in water chemistry, aim to assist the South African agricultural community in effective water management measures.

As Agri600, the South African agricultural distributor for SNF Floerger France, we have done extensive trials to ensure that products are substantial in water management for the South African climatic conditions. Agri600 Water Manager and Agri600 Forester are both subdivisions of Agri600 and consists of Flobond DI2010 and Aquasorb 3005 KM , which are both water retainer products used for short and long-term crops and plantations.

Flobond DI2010, manufactured in Europe, has been extensively tested over several-term crops and vegetation such as tobacco, butternuts, maize, broccoli, tomatoes, beans, lawn grass, et cetera. During 2019 / 2020, Agri600 South Africa conducted tobacco trials on Flobond DI2010. Conclusive results proved that Flobond DI2010 has saved up to 50% water per season and ensured sufficient soil moisture to sustain plant growth and yield by obtaining 780 different readings per day.

Currently, Flobond DI2010 is a solution for South Africa where natural water sources are scarce. The product improves the ability of plants to absorb water from the soil, thereby reducing pump usage and electricity costs. Agri600 branches around South Africa and Namibia have introduced Flobond DI2010 to farms, commercial properties, golf courses for lawn rejuvenation, seedling growth for dam stabilization, agricultural dryland moisture assistance, and achieved incredible results on root formation, stem growth, leaf production, vegetation colouration and crop yield.

Agri600 Water Manager not only helps with water retention, but it
also aids in the recovery process after hail damage. The difference
between the tobacco plants on the left (untreated) and those on the
right (treated with FloBond DI2010) are very clear.

In the past two months, many hail storms were experienced in the Waterberg biosphere of South Africa’s Limpopo Province, and it was found that all crops of tobacco treated with Flobond DI2010 prior to the change in climatic conditions, had a 60% quicker recovery rate compared to irrigated crops without any moisture assistance.

Thorough research proved that crops treated with Flobond DI2010 are structurally stronger to withstand damage as the steady supply of moisture to the roots of the plants enhances growth and nutrient uptake. Flobond DI2010 is a water retainer improving lateral movement of water and improving efficiency of water usage by vegetation. Flobond DI 2010 has been proven over many trials to improve infiltration by 10 to 50%. Many irrigation soils are prone to dispersion, which causes the formation of a crust or seal on the surface, and blockage of soil pores. Due to the flocculation reaction of Flobond DI 2010, aggregates are stabilized and pathways for water infiltration are maintained and enhanced.

Water retainer has been tested over 30 years of experiments, field trials and commercial application worldwide and proven to work. With seven Agri600 branches in South Africa, we aim to assist in water conservation throughout Africa without compromising yield and crop production.

Flobond DI2010 is widely available from any Agri600 branch, and our expertly trained managers are able to assist in accurate product application and vegetation moisture assessment.

Contact Agri600 Head Office on Whatsapp (+27(0)73-322-8381) or send an email to or You can also visit the website on

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