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Grow a crop and improve quality with made-to-fit John Deere sprayers

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Spray concentrate is expensive; diesel fuel is expensive; labour is expensive; time is expensive. No farmer can afford to let a sprayer move to and fro in an orchard or vineyard if it will not control pests and plagues with maximum effectiveness.

That is why the wise farmer buys the correct spray and sprays it with exactly the correct sprayer for the crop – a John Deere. This is the correct recipe for efficient and profitable farming with the elimination of unnecessary losses. The farmer has to spray right through the growing and production cycle of plants to fight pests effectively… and that is where John Deere becomes the perfect spraying partner of the farmer.

However, pests and plagues does not mean a full stop to the role of the sprayer. The economic facts faced by the farmer is that he has to attain maximum production volume of the highest quality if he wants to survive and ensure that his farming activities are profitable. The aim of a big, healthy harvest is only possible when the necessary foliar fertilisation and growth regulators are also applied with an efficient sprayer.

Such a sprayer is designed to deliver an effective air stream that will have a whirling effect so that both sides of the leaves will be fully sprayed to ensure that the chemicals reach everywhere and also wet the fruit and tree trunk.

When push comes to shove it means that the farmer cannot afford anything less than the best sprayer as production partner; that is when the John Deere sprayer series proves its worth as the best and most efficient on the farm.

John Deere has a wide selection of sprayer types from which the farmer can select exactly what he wants and needs for his specific circumstances; furthermore John Deere’s agents and dealers are ready and eager to help you make the correct choice.

With a John Deere sprayer the farmer ensures that every twig and leaf will be sprayed and that no spray, diesel or time will be wasted.

The most important requirements have been taken into consideration in the design of John Deere sprayers:

• Constant, even and precision application of chemicals;

• Saving on chemical costs;

• Efficient fuel saving;

• Dependable and robust;

• Operator-friendly to make the work easy; and

• A slim design to ensure that fruit tree leaves and branches will not be damaged.

John Deere has the sprayer to provide in the exact requirements of the farmer for every purpose.

Just see what you can select from:

• The John Deere M100-reeks is made to the T for spraying fruit, vineyards and citrus;

• The R100 series has specifically been designed for citrus;

• Die M200 series is specifically meant for spraying olive plantations; and

• Die R300 series is John Deere’s perfect solution for spraying vineyards.

Apart from the above there is also a wide selection of pump types and sizes to choose from so that your specific circumstances will be met. Furthermore a selection of tank sizes will ensure that John Deere is again serving the farmer with the best sprayer option.

John Deere sprayers are now also available with the latest technology so that the application tempo and setting adjustments are automatically controlled. The Pro-active monitoring system provides the operator with all the information regarding the sprayer’s performance such as groundspeed, revolutions per minute, hours operated, amount of spray left in the tank and system pressure.

The iPackage™ can be set to monitor certain functions. All information is saved on the “Crops Platform”, which allows the farmer to adjust the machine settings to suit his preferences for every task.

Trust John Deere to have the sprayer that will give you a healthy, bountiful citrus harvest.

Die iPackage™ system is available in three different packages:

iD package:  Ultrasound plant detection switches the machine on automatically where there are trees and off again when there is nothing to be sprayed.

iM package: Dosage calculation in accordance with the volume of tree rows [Tree Row Volume (TRV)].

Control of ground speed adjusts the dose according to the speed at which the sprayer moves [System DPA (Ground Speed Control) for dose regulation.]

iS package: Air stream calculation and control according to the tree row volumes.

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