Green Energy foresees solar powered farms

Peace of mind, independence and uninterrupted production are some of the benefits a farmer can reap from the ability to generate his own electricity. Initially, it may be expensive to establish such a system, and it may require a bit of administration and sweat to get it going, but in the long run the ability to provide your own power is the best gift you can give yourself. The ample amount of sunlight shining down on this continent is more than enough to fully utilise solar power.

Power interruptions are not an unfamiliar occurrence for the Zambian farmer. Zambia depends heavily on hydroelectric power which, in turn, depends on sufficient rain and water. It cannot operate through long, dry spells which we experienced a few years ago. This is just another reason to invest in your own electricity supply, which will give you more reliable power.

Many companies in Zambia saw the opportunity presented by renewable energy and started to penetrate the industry, but meaningful and sustainable power generation demands specialised skills and expertise. The directors of Green Energy Distributors already have almost two decades of experience in this field. This is important, because a farmer needs to rely heavily on expertise and experience when he spends a huge amount of money on a delicate system which should last a lifetime. Your supplier must be able to give you the best advice and to anticipate and fix problems. In this industry, chancers and fly-by-nights will never last for almost twenty years.

Green Energy Distributors opened in Zambia early in 2017 under the management of professionals in the solar industry. They offer a comprehensive range of solar, electrical and LED lighting products. Green Energy knows that the agricultural sector is alive and growing and therefore decided to focus largely on the renewable electricity needs of farmers.

“We concentrate on helping farmers achieve the transition into year round farming and reduce their running costs by providing them with quality and affordable solar products,” Fardeen Zumla, a director of Green Energy Distributors, says.

Green Energy Distributors are proud of their understanding of the importance of after sales service, and employ qualified field agents ready to assist farmers all over the country.

Allow Green Energy Distributors to light up your path towards solar electricity. Photo:

The top products and services offered by Green Energy Distributors are:

  • Complete solar solutions. A solar specialist visits you on the farm to determine your needs and follows the project up to completion.
  • Solar water pumping systems. Boreholes and pumping stations are nice to have, but laying the necessary power cables is always expensive and difficult – except if you install a solar power system.
  • Electrical components for farms, water pumping and other electrical requirements.
  • LED spotlights are vital for farm security. They save electricity and promise to last much longer than other globes.
  • LED street lights mean less labour and improved cost efficiency on large farms.
  • Solar street lights work with batteries that are charged by the sun during the day and give light during the night.

Contact Fardeen Zumla at +26(0)96-786-3949 or send an e-mail to to acquire your own source of solar power.

Green Energy Distributors can turn your pump station or borehole into an efficient, self-operating water supply system with solar power. Photo:

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