Grain Storage: Silo Inspection and Maintenance

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Like everything in life, steel silos also need to be maintained. A silo is a big investment and to ensure that the return on investment is worth its while, regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. We often see silos that are not maintained properly. Or not used correctly.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Only use the silo for its intended purpose.
  • Make sure that your silo operator is well trained to use the silo.
  • Do regular inspections of your silo – internally and externally.
  • Recirculate the product on a regular basis – especially during long storage periods.
  • Do not overfill the silo.
  • Prevent mixing of different products in a silo. Contamination can be a big problem.
  • Check on the moisture content of the product to be stored.
  • Ensure that that product being stored is clean.
  • Inspect and maintain all equipment inside (such as sweep augers) and used for extraction (screw discharge and slide gates) prior to filling the silo with product.
  • Stay away from silos during thunder and lightning storms.
  • Do not make any unauthorized modifications to a silo.
  • After inspection, make sure the silo door is closed and locked prior to filing it with product.

Inspection and Maintenance

In the off-season and/or after the silo has been emptied, inspect the silo for the following:

  • Deformation of the silo.
  • Check for any form of corrosion – internally and externally.
  • If the silo is equipped with low and high-level switches, check the condition and functionality thereoff. 
  • Water ingress.
  • Inspect the silo foundation for any cracks.
  • Check the water proofing of the silo – silo to foundation.
  • Make sure the silos doors are functional and safe to use.
  • Check all silo vents for any form of obstruction such as bird’s nests, etc.
  • If the silo is equipped with extraction fans on the roof, check each fan if it is in a working condition.
  • Inspect the silo for any loose and/or missing bolts – inspection to be done internally and externally. 
  • The inspection of a silo aeration system (if the silo is equipped with such a system) if often neglected It is important to inspect and clean it. Cleaning it will ensure that the product gets aerated as required and prevent the infestation of bugs and the growth of mold. 
  • Check the functionality of the aeration fans.
  • Inspect and maintain all center wells and intermediate wells.
  • Inspect and maintain the sweep auger.
  • Inspect the earthing cables of the silo.
  • Inspect all access ladders and gantries. Repair if necessary.
  • Inspect all silo inlets for wear and tare

Grain Storage Projects – Africa aims to offer the following products and services:


  • Aspiration Systems
  • Bagging Stations
  • Electrical and Control Systems
  • Feed Mills
  • Galvanized Feed Bins
  • Galvanized Flat Bottom Silos
  • Galvanized Hopper Bottom Silos
  • Gantries and Towers
  • Grain Cleaners
  • Grain Coolers
  • Grain Driers
  • Grain Handling Equipment: Chain Conveyors; Bucket Elevators; Screw Augers; Belt Conveyors; etc
  • Maize Mills
  • Process Scales
  • Seed Graders
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Steel Water Reservoirs
  • Structures
  • Weigh Bridges


  • Project Management – Grain Storage and related business such as mills, breweries, etc.
  • Site and Facility Assessments of proposed new or existing facilities.
  • Consultation with new and existing clients for the optimal use of existing and/or new facilities.
  • Serving Global, Regional and National Food Reserve agencies, such as the WFP; FAO; UNHCR, AGRA and other food aid and security organizations, with turnkey projects, upgrades and supporting services.
  • Selling of Grain Storage solutions and related business such as mills.
  • Draughting Services – layouts, concept studies and detail draughting and design using experts in the field.
  • Installation Services – installation of silos and related equipment for the storage, mills and brewery industries.
  • Maintenance Services – maintenance of silos and related equipment for the storage, mills and brewery industries.

Contact Grain Storage at 083-667-3818 or or visit their website:

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