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Good news from Scania: New Truck Range means even less fuel


Excellence is not born in a day, and to improve upon an already excellent product takes a lot of effort and creativity. No company understands this better than Europe’s Number One truck manufacturer, Scania.

Rapidly growing in the Southern African market, Scania is set to become even more popular with the promise of up to 5% saving on fuel when driving a New Truck Generation.

“The best litre of fuel is the one not used,” says Raimo Lehtiö, Managing Director of Scania Southern Africa. 

The new truck range has been launched in Europe and several other countries such as Australia and is now being rolled out in South Africa after a spectacular launch at Montecasino in Johannesburg.

The new range is the result of more than ten years of development work and investments globally. The promise Scania offers is that customers will always be able to perform their work in the most sustainable and profitable way, regardless of the industry and area of application.

Key features of the New Truck Generation:

• New design and shape of the front and chassis for improved aerodynamics

• Powertrain updates resulting in exceptional fuel efficiency and driving performance

• Extended storage options

• Enhanced driver’s seat adjustment options

• Maintenance based on your operation to increase uptime and profitability

• Unique safety features such as roll-over curtain side airbags

• More space behind the seats for wider beds

• New infotainment system with 7” touch screen

• The new Scania V8 engine weighs 80 kg less, contributing to the fuel savings

“It is undoubtedly the biggest investment in Scania’s 125-year history,” states Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO of Scania. “It is with hearts bursting with pride that my colleagues and I are now presenting the products and services that will bring Scania to new levels regarding market shares and carry us far into the next decade.”

The assembly of the new trucks has started in South Africa and the old PGR range is being strategically phased out.

Raimo says: “At Scania our main focus is always to give our customers the tools that they need to achieve profitability in their businesses. In 2019 we expand on this focus and reach a milestone by launching our new truck series. It’s normally a 15 to 20-year cycle before you go to market with a totally new vehicle. It’s an exciting period for us.”

One of the features enhancing the driving experience is the adaptive cruise control that assists the driver in maintaining a constant gap behind the vehicles ahead. The system can also analyse the topography of up to 3 km of the road ahead using GPS data, optimising fuel efficiency every second!

Convenience for drivers means less fatigue and better performance, and with features such as USB ports in front and on the back panel, a fold-out table, a sufficient number of cup holders, storage space that can be reached from inside and outside the cabin, and a passenger seat that can swing around and recline for some leg-stretching waiting time, convert a Scania cabin into a home away from home.

Scania’s unique offering

In South Africa, Scania’s exceptional customer-based financing and technical assistance plans have proven to be a perfect match for the agricultural industry’s seasonal and unpredictable nature.

With the new truck range, the industry will again be able to rely on fully tailor-made solutions suited to every customer’s specific business needs.

Scania’s starting point in the provision of a sustainable solution to customers is called TOE, Total Operating Economy. The difference between TOE and the traditional TCO, where only costs are reflected, is that the revenue side of a customer’s finances are also weighed in.

One size fits no one

The importance of being able to design a completely optimised vehicle and support both its ownership and use with related services like financing, service contracts and fleet management services, is difficult to overestimate in today’s competitive transportation world. Scania is one of the pioneers in connecting trucks in order to help optimise use and availability.

What do the locals say?

Morné Botha, Regional Manager based in Bloemfontein, and his team have just completed a comprehensive road trip through the Free State and Eastern Cape introducing the New Truck Generation to existing and new customers and they were very well received.

He says: “Everyone getting behind the steering wheel of the news trucks commented on the driving comfort, easy-to-read instrumentation and all the aids that assist you in driving safely. In fact, our drivers who took the trucks on the trip can still not get the smiles off their faces – three days later!”

The promise of improved fuel economy was also put to the test and proven. He says one of his customers transported cattle from Windhoek to Upington using a new Scania and a comparable truck from another company. On reaching the destination they found that the Scania had used 100 litres less fuel!

The spectacular launch of the New Truck Generation at Montecasino

Visitors received a red-carpet welcome at the Scania dome.
A trip down memory lane reflecting on Scania’s growth in context of historical moments greeted visitors at the launch.
Three trucks were driven into the stage arena for the climax of the show – the unveiling of the New Truck Generation.
Outside people were queuing to have their photos taken in front of one of the new trucks. Posing here are Titus Naidoo, Harold Donachie and Ronald Melville.
The evening had many surprises, including Scania-branded food!
Raimo Lehtiö, Managing Director of Scania Southern Africa, introducing the New Truck Generation.

Ask your closest Scania dealer to show you the New Truck Generation to take your transport solution to the next level of convenience and saving.

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