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Good news for Scania owners: Rethink total cost of ownership with monthly savings made possible by Southern Africa’s most fuel efficient truck.


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There is no doubt that South Africa’s transport industry is struggling to stay on the road as the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions have changed  traditional supply chain models, customer behaviour, government infrastructure funding and long-established business models.

 As the economy contracts, transport industry operators face multiple business challenges, including rising operating costs, increased fuel prices, decreasing revenues and tighter margins.

 Scania owners, however, can utilise the advantages of the technology built into the new truck ranges to smooth out the bumpy road to the future.  

 “Scania has always been at the forefront of setting new standards in sustainable logistics solutions,” says Nomonde Kweyi, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, Scania Southern Africa.

 “Improving the quality of our products while continuously improving the flows across every part of our supply chain, eliminates waste and allows us to challenge operating costs.”


Scania’s New Truck Generation is setting new benchmarks in the total cost of ownership, providing customers with sustainable cost-efficiencies, and securing them a competitive advantage in their industries.

 State-of-the-art technological leadership is behind Scania’s latest sustainable operating breakthrough. Vehicle data recorded from multiple Scania trucks, in daily operation, using multiple drivers, yielded an average 10% fuel saving across the New Generation truck range.

 “Every Scania we make is equipped with smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. We have thousands of constantly connected vehicles providing the data needed to make informed cost savings decisions,” explains Mark Erasmus, General Manager Sales, Scania Southern Africa.

 This proven 10% fuel saving, compared to the Scania PGR range, makes the Scania New Generation the most fuel-efficient truck in South Africa.

 “Fuel costs can equate to over a third of operators’ total operating costs,” says Mark. “Any improvement in fuel efficiency can provide drastic savings.

But that is not where it ends. Scania is encouraging their fleet owners to off-set these savings against the cost of maintenance.  Scania already has comprehensive cost saving maintenance structuring available, but by using the advantages of technology these cost can be even less.

 “The highest recorded fuel savings in the market provides our customers with the cost-savings needed to offset maintenance costs. By using the fuel savings, our customers can pay zero maintenance costs,” explains Mark.

 Maintaining a truck at zero cost, especially when calculated across a fleet, has the potential to remove significant expenditure from operators’ total running costs, boosting profitability and significantly improving their ability to compete in a highly competitive market.

 “Across industries, including freight and logistics, construction, mining and agriculture, we know that maintenance costs absorb much-needed revenue and profit. The New Truck Generation has the potential to pay for its own maintenance,” says Mark.

 It’s total cost of ownership redefined, and Scania South Africa sees it as a game-changer that will help their customers find a sustainable revenue increase while their competitors continue to struggle with high operat[1]ing costs.

 “As challenging economic realities bite, Scania’s sustainable cost-efficien[1]cies are driving our customers business ambitions and delivering increased profitability, which is helping them achieve otherwise elusive business growth,” says Mark.

Becoming an owner of The Scania New Truck Generation means you can become part of a cost-savings culture that promises to redefine what is possible in South Africa’s transport industry.

Improving an already excellent deal

Scania is already praised by their customers for their service delivery  and excellent support and maintenance plans, and now it is even better.

This is what truck owners in the agricultural and others industries have to say:

Kamal Mitoo, Time Link Cargo: “Not only are we satisfied with the vehicles, but also with every aspect of Scania’s after-sales service and maintenance contracts. As the years go by, Scania remains at the forefront of the latest technology in their trucks and we are keeping ourselves updated to make the best decisions.”

Flip de Bruyn from River North in Klerksdorp. “The trucks are reliable; I work well with the team and I have no problem with their service and support.”

Rossouw van Bergen, Noordkaap Landboudiens: “Scania’s R&M (Repair and Maintenance) plan is excellent. I keep the plan until I sell the truck, and can have it serviced every 40 000 km by paying a few cents per kilometre every month.”

Alvin Steenkamp,Cavalier Group: “It is easy to budget for the maintenance of my Scania trucks, there is never any unexpected large expenses.”

Dirk Lötter, Jansenville: “Besides good reliable trucks that can handle our dirt roads, any truck owner needs to know the the maintenance and fuel costs will not consume all your profit.  That is why I use Scania trucks.”

Contact your closest Scania dealer to benefit from the Scania “Zero Cost of Maintenance driven by our 10% Proven Fuel Efficiency”-campaign. Phone 011-661-9600 or  visit for  more information.

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