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Good news for farmers: Farm lad takes the lead at Isuzu SA

Billy Tom was appointed as the new CEO of Isuzu Motors SA on June 1 and he officially got behind the wheel on July 1.

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A complete understanding of the farmer’s circumstances and needs, with a smart business mind that always comes up with a plan, to provide the best service – that is Billy Tom, Isuzu Motors South Africa’s new CEO.

Farming is part of Billy’s DNA. He grew up on the farm, Niekerkshoop, near Alexandria, in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, where his parents were farm workers.

From an early age, Billy learned to drive on the farm and obtained his heavy vehicle license while still in high school. With this paper in his pocket, he drove trucks during school holidays for an extra income.

This is where he cultivated a love for vehicles and the vehicle industry.

Every Isuzu pickup’s road starts here at the plant in Port Elizabeth. Strict measures are kept in place to ensure the production of the highest quality vehicles.

Billy’s first steps on the road to success was the six miles he walked to school and back every day. After school, he obtained a BCom degree at Rhodes University and later, a master’s degree in business management at UNISA.

His first job was at Distill and from there, SABMiller. He furthered his career at Standard Bank, General Motors and Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa / Abi, where he played a key role in introducing new products to the public. He was also responsible for managing the central region of the company, which covers approximately 46% of South Africa.

At General Motors, he was responsible for the launch of the Hummer and Cadillac vehicles and agencies in South Africa.

Billy’s recipe for good business is good customer service. “The way people buy pickups has changed. We must be customisable to satisfy the customer and provide the type of service he expects,” Billy explains. The responsibilities of the Isuzu SA CEO involve managing all the divisions of the company. That includes the Isuzu plant in Port Elizabeth where the vehicles are built, up to the service the local Isuzu dealer provides to his customers.

People should remember that Isuzu as a company is only two years old, since GM withdrew from the country in 2017. In response, Isuzu decided to establish itself as a company in its own right, based on the principles of service delivery and personalised customer service. Isuzu pickups are developed and tested in South Africa and are consequently perfectly suited for the conditions in Africa.

Farmers can look forward to a new Isuzu pickup range to be launched in South Africa and Sub-Saharan markets from 2021.

Billy is looking forward to working with the farmers of South Africa to ensure that Isuzu remains the first choice when it comes to a durable workhorse on the farm, reliable transport of livestock and other farm products, and a convenient family vehicle.

“I have a passion for the farming community, because I grew up on a farm.” One of the highlights Billy is looking forward to, is to treat farmers to the new generation Isuzu pickups, which will be launched in the second half of 2021.

Billy also tells about Isuzu’s great plans to further strengthen its presence in key Sub-Saharan Africa markets. With Billy Tom in charge and the new models to be released soon, farmers have a lot to look forward to.

Stay in touch with your local Isuzu dealer to choose the right pickup for your farm at the best price.

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