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Get rid of predators, pests and plagues with crystal frequencies

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The Karoo is abuzz about jackals and lynx keeping their distance from the tasty mutton produced on the famous shrub grazing of the semi-desert. It is not only Flippie Hoffman in Namibia whose sheep are now safe from the predators (read more about it in ProAgri 231); in Prieska there is now also reason for jubilation!

Giel van Niekerk, a Prieska farmer, is all smiles because the jackal and lynx are avoiding his sheep flocks and they don’t know why! He has installed cameras to monitor his watering points after joining the service provided by Agri Frequencies but there are no signs of jackal and lynx tracks. He has lost two lambs, but this represent a drop in the ocean compared with previous years, says Giel.

The trackers of Baks Laubscher, a Marydale farmer, say they don’t see any jackal or lynx tracks anymore and he finds that the sheep of his neighbour are grazing close to his border fence, where the frequency technology create a buffer zone. The annoyance of crows, watching a ewe giving birth and then pecking out the lamb’s eyes, is also prevented and these pests keep away!

For extensive farmers joining Agri Frequencies it only costs R10 per hectare per year. Farmers with big farms, or when several farmers club together, can qualify for a further discount.

The out-phase frequencies are very subtle but strong enough to kill rats and insects. Jackals and birds merely avoid the environment because they become apathetic and feel uneasy in the targeted area.

With water structuring by crystal frequencies, plants consume 30% less water. It can be spread to cover a wide area when it can then be regarded as additional rainfall. The structuring assists in water purification and also cleans pipes, kettles and water heaters of sludge.

Ticks, other parasites and flies are controlled, and algae in drinking troughs and dams can also be prevented, helping to save labour. The frequencies can also be applied in-phase helping plants and animals towards better performance, increasing yields and extending shelf-life.

How it works:

Agri Frequencies use photographs of the predators to capture their frequencies and then develop an anti-frequency which can control those specific species. These photographs are copied by a quantum scanner into crystal powder where it is stored for later use. The frequencies in the crystal powder are then transmitted to any place on earth by means of a further apparatus – a quantum transmitter – with the aid of an aerial photograph.

The process is extremely accurate; it only targets the selected species and only in the targeted area. Farmers can determine if they are receiving the frequencies by means of an elementary test, which can be executed on the farm.

The same method is also applied with great success to control insects in crops, fruit and vegetables. Many farmers have already found that the crystal frequencies ensure superior control compared with chemical spraying.

A product series is also available to control all pests and other infestations on a smaller scale with instruments that cover a radius of 40 square metres at a cost of only R800.

This is how the technology came about

Jan du Plessis, owner of Agri Frequencies, says he had in interest in crystals since childhood. “I have been studying Piezo-electricity and energy for the past 28 years since it started off as one of my hobbies.”

“My agricultural training was responsible that I found many possible applications in agriculture. I then investigated the possibilities further, especially in an effort to curb the extensive use of pesticides.”

He says his aim is eradicating pests and plagues without damaging nature with the application of poisons. He did research for a long time to develop equipment to amplify and project crystal energy.

“My first breakthrough came when I succeeded in amplifying and copying frequencies from photographs; the second step was a process where I developed quantum transmitters to project these frequencies. That enabled me to apply my frequencies any place in the world. At that stage I was ready to take the process to the market place together with my brother, who assisted me in the development of all the equipment.”

 “Then came a further break-through when I could quantum-connect all my equipment. This means that I can scan photographs of pests and plagues and the frequencies are available immediately for all clients, wherever they are.”

 “We started marketing the technique in August 2017 and our best advertisement to date is the excellent results obtained by many satisfied clients.”

 “Since then we have had many more successes, such as the control of fungi – which can only be done by means of micro-photography. This enabled us to kill even tree beetles and their fungi, which are responsible for devastation of so many trees, and to ensure that fruit has a longer shelf-life and reach its destination fungi-free.”

The use of crystal frequencies is effective, it is inexpensive to employ against predators and pests, and a very important factor is that it requires no capital outlay.

Feel free to contact Jan du Plessis on 082-429-4055, or send an email message to Alternatively visit on the internet.

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