Generator or solar: You can depend on non-stop power with Saro


Electricity is one of the most basic needs of the modern human being. In sophisticated farming, electricity is rapidly becoming a more vital necessity and for continuous production, back-up power is a must.

In 2007, Saro Agro established a standalone power department which covers the whole power needs spectrum. They’ve become so popular that they were contracted to kit out the biggest hospital in Zambia with backup electricity. Zesco also bought many of their generators to provide power to whole townships.

Simon Nyirongo is the Sales and Service Manager of Saro Agro’s Power Division. He says: “In our division we have solar systems and generators. In our generators section, we have domestic generators and industrial generators. Domestic generators can produce from 2 kVA up to 35 kVA. This is typically for a household or a small farm that needs to drive a pump or conduct other smaller operations. Our industrial generators can deliver from 50 kVA up to 1 000 kVA. These generators are perfect for large applications like pivot systems, dairies, feed mixing plants and millers.”

Saro Agro also understands the value of human resources. Simon says: “We invested heavily in technical manpower. We have technicians with certificates and even master’s degrees to make sure that we do whatever we do professionally. We also do a lot of in-house training for aspiring technicians in our company.”

In order to keep up with developments in the market and the industry, experts from Saro Agro visit factories to keep abreast of the latest technologies and to see what can be expected in the future. Saro Agro is presently pursuing two exciting trends in the market. Soon it will be possible for a generator to send an e-mail all by itself to the farmer and to Saro if there is a problem or when it is due for maintenance. Another trend is parallel generators.

“For example, during peak demand, a farmer might need 1 000 kVA and during off-peak times, only 250 kVA. If you have a single unit, it will run full capacity the whole time, which is unnecessary,” Simon says.

“If you have four 250 kVA units, they can start up and shut down according to the power needs of any specific time. This will be an automatic process that will save you a lot of fuel and running hours. It will also come in handy when a part of your plant shuts down,” he says.

Saro can supply a complete project, from costing, right through to backup support. “We have personnel who can go out and assist a farmer with determining his requirements. Our experts can do professional costing, execution, commissioning and supply backup,’ Simon says.

“Some industries prefer service-level agreements where, for instance, we sign a one year contract to give them the whole spectrum of support.”

Saro Agro sells top brand generators for their high end market. Their Pramac and CGM generators are powered by Perkins engines and their Shangai Diesel sets by Cummins engines.

Solar division

According to Simon, the Zambian electricity grid reaches only 30% of the population. This means that there is an enormous opportunity to supply power to 70% of the population with solar electricity.

“This is something we want to go into big time. We have people who can go out and design systems for individual needs. They determine how many panels are required and what kind of systems will work best. Saro Agro also supplies inverters and batteries to offer complete solar power systems. Farmers can now use the sun to power their pumps and illuminate their chicken runs,” Simon says.

Don’t be left in the dark. Visit Saro’s website at, contact Calvin Salah at +26 (0)97-571-4426 or +26 (0)21-138-7000-9/241477 or send him an e-mail to

The technical team of Saro Agro’s power division is ready to supply and support the Zambian farmer with all his generator back-up and solar needs.

Simon Nyirongo, Samson Lungu, Mateo Tembo and Jacob James Nedumgatt can answer any question on Saro Agro’s
generator and solar systems.

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