From the farm to 3D, John Deere Africa makes history

Leaders in African agriculture; John Deere is set to launch its first-class 3D and VR showroom at NAMPO Virtual 2020. September 2020, Africa- John Deere Africa has always been history makers as could be seen in the recent Tech Terrain campaign that was launched during lockdown, and once again they are proud to be involved in making history with its first virtual exhibition at Nampo Harvest Day 2020.

It is here that expo goers will experience first hand Deere’s world-class revolutionary 3D and VR Showroom initiative which takes virtual reality and immersive experiences to the next level. John Deere stand visitors have always enjoyed the size, scale, and wow-factor that this agricultural giant contributes to NAMPO, and this year promises to be no exception.

“We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we will reveal that we have physically 3D scanned more than 30 of our models and built a virtual showroom. Plus, our Revet John Deere Licensed Merchandise Store. has also been transformed into a 3D shopping experience. This is probably one of few, if not the first, for agriculture in Africa,” says Stephan Nel, Marketing Manager, John Deere Africa.

Deere’s management team strategically planned this innovative concept before the Covid-19 pandemic hit where they envisioned a virtual showroom and merchandise store to assist farmers who were unable to travel to their local dealership. The latest cutting edge scans, modeling, and technology utilised by Deere allow its farmers to virtually walk around the equipment and browse the Revet John Deere Licensed Merchandise Store aisles as if you were in the actual shop; participate in games, competitions, and other interactive pages on the site, providing information and entertainment for all visitors.

Nel believes that the showroom transformation contributes to the digital era and has a greater and superior ability to portray movement. The virtual showroom depicts a realistic and visually appealing model that aids customers and supports our dealers in the purchasing process.

NAMPO Virtual 2020, hosted by Grain SA, is one of the largest privately organised agricultural exhibitions in the Southern Hemisphere have planted new digital seeds with its first ever virtual expo, and Deere encourages farmers big and small and leaders connected to the land to come together to attend this expo and visit their stand at the expo as it brings new means to showcase the industry.

Not only will expo visitors be the first to view the new John Deere showroom, but they will also have front row seats to daily launches featuring John Deere’s latest models, trade show specials and merchandise promotions as well as the opportunity to attend daily events including Q&As with executives and experts, and much more. The show will run from 9 to 12 September 2020 and is free for all visitors.

“Our showroom has exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to showcase our world-class equipment utilizing top-of-the-range digital technology. Visitors can interact with our stand at NAMPO online, and view our monumental new showroom, without leaving the comfort of their own home,” says Jacques Taylor, John Deere’s Managing Director, Africa and Middle East.

Source: John Deere

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