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Fence a mountain with Bonnox to keep game in

Now that Tony Guthrie has fenced his farm, Jacobrust, with Bonnox fencing his game does not disappear into the Maluti Mountains any longer.

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“The eland literally ganged up and then walked through the fence as a body. We had just moved in here when the eland bull and five cows combined and flattened 100 metres of the eleven strand fence near our farm entrance. And when an eland roams free in this valley, he is a goner . . .”

This is the story of Tony Guthrie of the farm Jacobrust near Bethlehem. He bought the farm 11 years ago when the farm’s fence could hardly keep a mouse in (or out), says Tony. “In some places it was a seven foot fence, in others eight; some stretches had six strands of wire and elsewhere it shot up to eleven”.

At that stage he and his wife Beth kept smaller antelope, such as springbok and blesbuck, on the farm. They were planning to introduce more indigenous game species, build holiday lofts and then take guests on game drives.

“We were in a hurry to erect a proper perimeter fence because our game just disappeared in front of our eyes and we had new animals on the way,” says Tony

“Jackal poses serious problem. Erecting a standard fence would have required a lower section of jackal proof wire, or else the bottom strands of a standard fence have to be very close to each other. Repair patrols would have become imperative.”

“I wanted a solid 2,4-metre game fence around the whole farm. I did my homework over six months and studied various options, styles and costs. The Bonnox combination series with smaller openings at the bottom provided built-in jackal proofing.”

The farm is in a mountainous area but with the Bonnox fence it is easy to follow the steep contours.

He decided on the 2,4 metre option for the perimeter fence as he wanted to keep eland. The 2,1 metre and 1,8 metre was suitable for inside fences.

“Bonnox gave me a list of independent contractors and I contacted one. I found the price of the physical fencing was one aspect, but the labour, cost and time to erect the fencing quite something else. However, the contractor really knew what he was doing.”

“We bought everything from Bonnox – the poles, droppers, tensioner tool; even the binding wire. One truck arrived on the farm one day with everything on board and within three months the nine kilometres perimeter fence and all the inside fencing was completed”.

“The farm lies in a mountain and the fences had to follow some very steep contours. However, it was not really difficult to get the Bonnox to follow the profile of the terrain. The work was easy and progressed quickly. Labour-wise the savings with Bonnox is excellent,” says Tony.

“We now don’t lose any game any longer. Previously I had to repair fences every single week – every week!

Beth is equally delighted with the Bonnox fencing. “I feel so much safer with Bonnox around me! The idea that an intruder has to cut a number of gates – which takes much longer than ordinary fencing – makes me appreciate the enhanced security.”

With the Bonnox specialised fencing the Guthries can now keep game of smaller species, such as springbok and blesbuck, up to big antelope like Eland on their game farm.

Tony says it is much easier repairing a Bonnox fence after being cut compared with tensioned standard fence wire. “When that tensioned fencing is cut, the wire becomes an uncontrolled lethal, living threat.”

“We still buy Bonnox now and then to fence further paddocks. Here it is literally necessary to fence mountain and valley all around,” says Tony.

Do the impossible with Bonnox. Contact them on landline 012-666-8717 or cellphone 076-169-9068, or send an email to, or . Visit the Bonnox website at

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