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Feed your cattle for success – with Rumax’s support

Rumax's full-feed mixers are available in three different sizes ranging from 7 m3, 9 m3, to 15 m3. In addition to the full feed mixers, they also manufacture lick mixers in 0,5, 1,5, and 2 tonnes sizes.

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Feed makes the difference between success and failure in livestock farming. Everyone knows that. Good feed improves production and lowers the vet’s bill.

The quality of the feed mixture must also be maintained constantly to ensure the best possible production figures. To keep the quality of the feed the same all the time, and to keep the feed bill lower, more and more farmers take to mixing feed themselves.

Rumax, a supplier of top implements to farmers in Africa, understands the importance of feed and that the process of feed processing starts much earlier than with the feed mixer. The quality of the raw materials is just as important as the final feed mixture.

That is why Rumax provides a range of feed processing equipment to serve the farmer throughout the feeding process — from manure spreaders to hammer mills, feed mixers and pelletisers. With this equipment, the farmer improves his grazing and also mixes feed of a consistently high quality that makes his animals perform better.

Jaco Pieters started Rumax in 1999 and today, 22 years later, wise farmers choose Rumax above all others for feed mixers and other equipment. “We wanted to build a hammer mill that does not create dust, and at that time there was nothing like it available on the market,” says Jaco. “We designed a hammer mill where the motor drives the mill directly. The end result was a hammer mill with higher efficiency, but less wear and tear.”

Today, farmers on farms all over Southern Africa use Rumax equipment to dish up only the best feed for their animals.

Rumax hammer mills range from 2,2 kW for milling grain, to the giant 55 kW models that grind whole round bales before being fed into the feed mixers.

The Rumax range includes:

Manure spreaders

Used to spread manure, compost, or wood chips, and mostly used for grazing and orchards.

Hammer mills

Rumax’s hammer mills are available in sizes from 2,2 to 55 kW, and are used for milling grain and roughage. No wind is used, which saves energy. Instead of blowing out the final product, it is carried out by an auger.

Feed mixers

Rumax supplies both full-feed and lick mixers, each of which is manufactured in three different sizes. The full-feed mixers are available in 7 m3, 9 m3, and 15 m3 while the lick mixers are available in 0,5, 1,5, and 2 tonnes sizes.

All Rumax equipment is guaranteed for 12 months. The equipment is designed to require as little servicing as possible. The blades, bearings and other parts can be ordered from Rumax and will be delivered on the farm within a day or two. Most of the parts are also available at the nearest cooperative.

“The most important part of the business is our service to the farmers,” says Jaco. “Any farmer can contact me directly if there is anything he needs help with. All the equipment we manufacture can be customised to suit the farmer’s specific needs.”

Give your herd the Rumax advantage with good quality animal feed. Contact Jaco Pieters at +27-82-335-3970 or +27-23-342-6070, or send an e-mail to Also visit to see Rumax’s entire range of top products.

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