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Farmers trust Agri Shalom for quality and durability

Jan-Abraham Strauss of Agri Shalom next to the smart and sturdy 10 ton tipper trailer during the NAMPO Cape Show at Bredasdorp.

The many satisfied farmers all over South Africa trust the dependable farm equipment designed and manufactured by Agri Shalom. Jan-Abraham Strauss is the proud owner of Agri Shalom which has its factory in Bloemfontein. They have been manufacturing farm equipment of the highest order since 1906. Today Jan-Abraham has a core of 20 experienced employees to bolster his own hands.

Agri Shalom delivers products all over the country and Jan-Abraham himself is responsible for all after-sales servicing. The company offers an extensive range of livestock handling aids and other equipment for general purposes on the farm. At NAMPO Cape Jan-Abraham concentrated on drawing the attention of farmers to the Agri Shalom range of hydraulic tipper trailers. His hopes were not set too high.

The trailers come in sizes of between 4 and 10 tons. The loading bays can tip sideways or to the rear. There are also options of dropsides for the trailers.

“Al our products are designed to operate at high efficiency and especially to last as long as possible,” says Jan-Abraham. “Our motto has all along been to deliver uncomplicated quality that complies with the main requirement of the farmer.”

Agri Shalom manufactures a wide range of equipment which includes graders and mowers. Graders are available in widths of between 2,5 to 3 metres. There are also four different models to choose from. The biggest is the 3 metre mower which deals quickly and efficiently with any mowing job.

The Bees Veldman range has two options of mobile cattle handling equipment. The trailer, which is used to transport all the equipment, also serves as loading ramp that attaches to the front of the crush. Bees Veldman includes a neck clamp, four crush panels of three metres each, and 13 kraal panels of three metres each, of which two can do duty as gates. Extra kraal panels can be ordered to increase the capacity of Bees Veldman.

The aim of Agri Shalom is to support the farmer with quality steel equipment of the best design to enable him to do his work quickly and efficiently. Jan-Abraham and his team is committed to find solutions for the farmer and relieve his headaches regarding viable equipment. Jan combines new ideas with existing practice to provide the farmer with the highest quality product.

To find out more about the products and solutions presented to the farmer by Agri Shalom, contact Jan-Abraham on 082-636-1785 or alternatively send an email message to You can also visit the website

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Farmers trust Agri Shalom for quality and durability