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Farmers Can Harvest The Power of Ctrack’s Agri Solution

Ctrack will put you in charge of your assets every time, all the time. You can monitor each asset in real time from any device with an active internet connection.

In these tough, uncertain times, it is more important than ever to ensure your assets are working optimally. The good news for farmers is that Ctrack has a range of products that cater to their needs.

This wireless, mobile, and compact solution, grants you the freedom to monitor most of your assets with a tracking unit, exactly when and where it’s needed, and importantly because it is mobile, it is interchangeable between assets.

Ctrack’s high-level Agri Solution provides information about your equipment’s pattern usage and the distances travelled. Detailed logs of your equipment’s maintenance schedules could also be captured. 

By providing critical information about farm equipment and vehicles, you can more efficiently manage your harvesters, tractors, trailers, sprayers, loaders, hedgers, balers and conveyors. This helps you to reduce your costs and improve your performance, regardless of your crop type or farm size.

Furthermore, the solution can be configured with various types of hardware and software platforms to suit your specific needs and budget. Intelligent configuration also allows for extremely granular data reporting.

Utilising a GPS-based system to more efficiently locate and retrieve your assets also increases your operational efficiency. You can create virtual “geo-fences”, so you know when your assets enter, leave or remain at different locations, and by using the Ctrack Online application, you can see where, when and for how long your assets have been used.

Keep track of all your valuable farming equipment. Ctrack provides Agri solutions specifically designed to suit the needs of the farmer.

With Ctrack Mobi, you can monitor your assets from almost anywhere using a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

In addition to vehicle locations, the solution provides you with valuable information on your drivers, your points of interest, your ground coverage, your upcoming tasks and more.

No-go, preferred and waypoint geo-zones can be set up and monitored. This even works outside the borders of South Africa. You get real-time alerts should an asset leave a preferred area or when you suspect theft or tampering.

Together, real-time visibility, proactive notifications and infographics culminate in optimised and efficient asset utilisation. Thanks to the Ctrack’s Agri tracking solution, you can now harvest greater rewards from your hard-earned labour!

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