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Farm faster with Veloce, the high-speed disc harrow

Maschio Gaspardo’s wide range of tillage products will ensure that you have the right implement for the job that will suit the capability of your tractor.

All the advantages of conservation agriculture may be enjoyed if the right disc harrows are employed. These advantages include high quantities of crop residues in the soil, counteracting erosion and increasing the organic material in the soil.

The plant material on the surface is cut and mixed with the soil, causing an increase in microbiological activity, biodiversity, and organic matter. Thereby the structure and water holding capacity of the soil is greatly improved.

If you want to reap the benefits of these implements, you need to look no further than Maschio Gaspardo. Maschio Gaspardo is a global leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and offers a wide range of disc harrows. This includes equipment for minimum tillage to manage the crop residues and prepare the seedbed in one single pass.

Maschio Gaspardo disc harrows
work fast to save time, fuel and

The range of disc harrows includes three different models: Veloce, UFO Tzar and Admiral, for tractors ranging between 50 kW and 335 kW. The VELOCE is a very versatile and robust machine, and it allows you to operate in all working conditions. Surface residue is cut and re-mixed with the soil to create an optimal environment for the development of micro-organisms and the improvement of soil fertility. The VELOCE can be used with a wide range of tractors from 50 to 240 kW.

The fixed frame mounted version is available with a working width from 2 to 4 m, while the folding and semimounted versions are available from 4 to 7 m. Thanks to the high ground clearance and the wide spacing between the discs, an optimal soil flow is assured in all working conditions. In addition, working speeds between 12 and 15 km/h are easily reached, with operational efficiency and ensuring significant energy savings.

* refers to ring roller version

The 510-mm high-resistance boron steel discs spaced 25 cm apart and staggered on the two rows, guarantee an optimal flow of soil. Available with 15 or 9 caps, they allow working the first 10 cm of the soil. Each disc is mounted on its own independent silent block suspension to guarantee rigidity and an adequate ability to absorb the roughness of the soil, allowing a vertical excursion of 10 cm.

The hub of each disc is equipped with a special SKF ball bearing, insulated from dust, mud, and dirt by means of a screw-on cover and a special gasket. This guarantees minimum maintenance and high reliability.

For more information, visit the website or contact your local Namibian dealer Golden Pastures Agri Trading CC on +26-481-790-4197, or send an e-mail to

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