Falcon: Amazone offers top-notch sprayers and spreaders

Members of the AFGRI Corp team at Agritech were eager to tell visitors and farmers more about the Amazone products from Falcon at their stand.

During the recent Agritech show, farmers could admire the Falcon equipment at the AFGRI Corp and Saro Agro stands.

Amazone spreaders and sprayers are part of their range and deserve special mentioning.

Versatility determines sprayer choice

In the past, farmers believed that there was a logical procession from mounted and trailed sprayers to self-propelled sprayers as the farming operation grows. This is not the case anymore. Many large-scale commercial farmers have realised this trend is not always true and opted for practical rather than emotional implement purchases, with versatility and cost being two of the main determining factors. According to Falcon Equipment, a prominent and popular manufacturer of agricultural machines and agent for Amazone sprayers and spreaders in South Africa, there are a few solid reasons for the change in behaviour.

Initial capital expense is a main reason. The huge difference in cost between a self-propeller and a trailed or mounted model is an important consideration. It is even possible to buy more than one trailed sprayer for the price of one self-propelled sprayer. The other reason for this decision is versatility. Mounted or trailed sprayers have a number of other advantages for the modern farmer, allowing much greater versatility in their operations. The advances in technology, particularly from companies such as Amazone, ensured that the capacity of mounted sprayers now match, or even exceed, that of self-propelled options. The lightweight design allows the use of smaller tractors that can be used for other operations on the farm while they are not spraying. Many of the larger operators have already replaced a self-propelled with two or sometimes three mounted sprayers.

This enables multiple parts of the farm to be sprayed at one time to eradicate pests quicker, and a reduction of the time spent on the spraying process. This also suits the farmer who has land in different locations, for he can have one tractor and a mounted or towed sprayer working at each site. Downtime is another concern when owning only one sprayer. Having two or three mounted versions ensures spraying can continue while one machine is being repaired or serviced. In addition, some farmers may use a sprayer for liquid fertiliser and this then allows both fertilising and pest control processes to be done with one machine.

A particularly popular machine is the Amazone UF 1801 sprayer. With a standard capacity of 1 980 litres, it has the option of an extra 1 000 litre front tank, which ensures this mounted sprayer holds just short of 3 000 litres. The UF series also come with Super-S booms with wide working widths of 15 to 28 metres, and for safe and fast road transport the Super-S-boom is folded directly behind the spray tank to give a transport width of only 2,4 metres. The Amazone UF sprayers impress with their manoeuvrability, simple handling, and high acreage efficiency.

In addition to UF mounted sprayers, Amazone offers a range of trailed sprayers, including the UG series which has a capacity of up to 3 200 litres and working widths of up to 28 metres, and the UX trailed field sprayer series which is available with a capacity of up to 12 000 litres and working width of 21 to 40 metres. Amazone sprayers are available with different electronic control terminals, but all sprayers are also available on the ISOBUS platform, making it possible to have full operational control of these sprayers via any compatible ISOBUS Universal Terminal.

Own a champion fertiliser spreader

Zambian farmers can now also benefit from using the Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with Argus Twin, which was awarded the “Machine of the year” title for special innovation at the AgriTechnica in Hanover, Germany in November 2015.

The innovation of the ZA-TS with Argus Twin features the monitoring of the lateral distribution of the fertiliser at both spreading discs with the aid of radar sensors. In case of deviations from the pre-determined values, the electric delivery system is automatically readjusted, ensuring a constant optimum lateral distribution. This also applies to changing fertiliser qualities, travelling on slopes, starting and braking procedures or worn spreading vanes.

These sprayers and spreaders, as well as Falcon’s other equipment, are available in Zambia through AFGRI Corp and Saro Agro. Contact any one of their authorised dealers. To fi nd the closest dealer in your area visit FIND A DEALER on their website at


Amazone’s mounted sprayers are
the ideal solution for a farmer who
needs versatility in his operations.

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