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Exciting news for farmers: Jupidex plants its feet in Zambia

The excitement from the Jupidex-team in South Africa and Zambia will spill over into excellent client service in their new branch in Lusaka.

It is very exciting to dream about quality, world-renowned agricultural equipment crisscrossing your farm, but if there is nobody to service or make it available to you, your dream might end up in a hopeless nightmare. An agricultural company who is serious about business and client support knows that they need to be present where the farmer can get access to them in an instant.

Jupidex previously dealt with their Zambian farmers from South Africa via other agents, but they recently took the bold move to open a branch in Lusaka to improve their service even more. Their distribution centre is located in Kafue road, near Makeni Mall, and is easily accessible.

Jupidex (Pty) Ltd is the market leader in South Africa regarding distribution of soil preparation equipment and trailed mowers. The company’s mission is to supply superior quality, affordable agricultural equipment and after-market spare parts with exceptional service to all its customers.

The Chairman of the Plennegy group, Michael Yeadon, says: “Some of our products have over the years found their way to Zambia via different dealers, but with Jupidex Zambia, we shall not only make available the full range of these superior products, we shall also stock parts and have dedicated specialist people to support the products. Experienced and welcoming staff will always be on hand to assist customers, and to repair the machinery, whenever a need may arise.”

Jupidex is part of the Plennegy group, which became famous for their Pannar and Starke Ayres seed cultivation, Mascor dealerships for tractors and vehicle brands, as well as their diversification that includes aviation, courier services, forestry, education and other activities. Although their roots are in South Africa, the group’s activities extend deep into Africa, right up to Nigeria.

Their brands include the Norwegian Kverneland – without a doubt one of the most robust soil engagement implement manufacturers in the world. They only use the very best special steel and use advanced metallurgic hardening processes to create super steel that withstands shocks and lasts much longer than that used for ordinary machines. One of their other prominent brands is the tough Irish McHale balers. They also supply Fede, Agri-Spread, Vicon, Alpler and other superb equipment brands.

Jupidex representative, Piet Vorster, says: “Precision farming is the key to optimise production and Kverneland and Vicon is on the forefront with ISOBUS and GPS linked operations.”

Jupidex also took the lead in the use of data electronics to take the pain out of manuals and part identification with the implementation of easy scannable QR codes.

The equipment of world-renowned implement brands like Alpler from Turkey, McHale from Ireland and Kverneland from Norway is ready for shipment at the Jupidex Zambia branch in Lusaka.

Piet explains why the company has been very successful over the years: “For us, client service is not negotiable. On top of that, we maintain high quality, move with technology and maintain very high standards next to none. We do not compromise. Loyalty to customers, building relationships and supporting customers come first. The future of a Zambian farmer lies in good infrastructure and equipment. Our products are good for both commercial and small-scale farmers.”

The Managing Director of Jupidex, Koot van der Merwe, says: “We are constantly reinvesting in order to improve the technology we offer. The challenge is to keep it affordable to our end user. We want to increase the level of service in Zambia and that is our vision, we are determined to do so. We have technology that can support farming in Zambia.”

The Jupidex Lusaka branch also stocks a large amount of expendable parts and farmers are welcome to visit – regardless of whether they are existing customers or just want to have a look. The range of products is so exceptional – it is a must see and a must have.

For more information, or to become a Jupidex-farmer, contact Chinso Chipopola on +260-977-435681 or e-mail him at

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