ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd: Look what Agritech Expo 2018 has to offer

by ETG staff writer

ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd is renowned for their huge contribution to Zambian agriculture and they will show great presence at the Agritech 2018 expo. They are part of the ETG Inputs Holding Co Ltd with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In Zambia, the fertiliser and agricultural inputs representative of ETG is operating as ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd, a company registered in Zambia and located on Plot 8087, Chinika, off Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia. This entity includes Zambian Fertilisers Ltd as a subsidiary of ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd as well as Farmarama, and is managed by the same Zambian senior management team in Lusaka.

As one of the leading suppliers and distributors of agricultural input commodities across the country, ETG Inputs Zambia Limited is constantly proving its efficiency and effectiveness to customers. That is the reason why this fertiliser and agrochemical supplier is growing in its business activities by the day.

Fertiliser brands supplied by ETG:

Under the FALCON brand ETG supplies nitrogen fertiliser, urea (prilled or granular), calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, phosphate fertiliser, di-ammonium phosphate, single super phosphate, triple super phosphate, mono ammonium phosphate, potash fertiliser, muriate of potash and sulphate of potash.

Under the KYNOCH brand ETG supplies specialised crop growth fertiliser products: Soya Oemff, Veggie Oemffs, Wheat Oemff, Mielie Oemff, Kyno Pop, Kyno plus Urea, Sugar Oemff, Pasture Oemff and CAN.

Under the Zambian fertiliser brands, they supply blended fertilisers which are crop specific, soil specific, lime enriched and organic matter enriched, and they produce these at their plant in the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

ETG Agrochemicals supplies herbicides, insecticides (synthetics and botanical), fungicides, Grain Protector/Fumigant and animal dip.

For the Agritech 2018 Expo, both commercial and small-scale farmers will have an opportunity to learn more about ETG’s products and services. Commercial farmers will be offered the full range of KYNOCH products, and contract arrangements with Export Trading Company and their warehouse receipt system will be forwarded.

Small-scale farmers will be treated on a series of training sessions on their products and crops in ETG’s demonstration plots. This year the demonstration plots will feature maize, soya beans, rape (kohlrabi), Chinese cabbage, lettuce, tomato and Irish potatoes.

Valuable training session

ETG will continue promoting their products and services, maintaining mutual understanding with farmers as their customers as well as gaining more potential customers. Therefore, ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd will again hold a fully-blown training workshop for small-scale farmers during this year’s Agritech Expo in Chisamba from 12 to 13 April, 2018.This is definitely a must show up event for small-scale farmers. The farmers will learn a lot more about farming activities during the two days and this will have a significant impact in their farming operations.

Some of the topics that will be presented by expert sales agronomists include;

  • What are the vegetable fertiliser mixes?
  • How to use vegetable mixes such as Veg A, Veg Mix B, Veg top 24 and 32.
  • Timing of application and advantages of vegetable mixes
  • How to use chemicals effectively
  • The best time to apply chemicals
  • How to use herbicides
  • How to do soil sampling
  • Advantages of using water soluble fertilisers
  • Safety during handling of chemicals

These and many more topics will be discussed in detail to small-scale farmers for the best crop yields and healthy plants.

The names of the expert sales agronomists from ETG Inputs Zambia Ltd Chinika who will train farmers and their contact details are:

Siankoni Zulu – 097-747-7536

Peter Malisawa -096-428-9523

Addson Ngoma -096-769-3417











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