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Easy livestock farming with Algar animal handling equipment

Hannes and Carin Nortjé, owners of Algar Animal Handling Equipment at NAMPO Cape in Bredasdorp.

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The Algar range of livestock handling equipment is the answer to the farmer’s need to handle his livestock – big and small – for different purposes easily, speedily and effectively.

Livestock farmers visiting NAMPO Cape in Bredasdorp this year could not believe their eyes when they saw the Algar strong and durable equipment making child’s play of handling livestock with little effort for a variety of applications – safe for farmer and animals – and minimising stress for all.

Ewald Loggenberg, cattle farmer from Vredefort in the Freestate, bought an adjustable cattle crush and one way gate with head clamp from Algar and compared their products with the quality of a Mercedes Benz – “It is simply the best,” he says.

Hannes and Carin Nortjé, owners of the Algar range, are passionate about their equipment and are personally responsible for research and development to find the best solutions. They test the products on their own farm before marketing to enable them to provide farmers with personal feedback on their questions. All equipment is delivered on the buyer’s farm all over the country.

Ewald is absolutely satisfied with the service given by Hannes and Carin. “You press the button and they react immediately.”

The Algar equipment is well-built to function efficiently at all times and last for many years. According to Ewald the adjustable crush is designed in such a way that cattle cannot be injured; it can be used for full-grown animals as well as for small calves. “I work all by myself with my cattle and do not need any help. The Algar crush makes it possible,” he says.

The crush is placed flush against the kraal. The cattle then enters the round section; lead with their heads into the loop and end up in the crush. The crush is assembled with pegs and can be moved without trouble. It is also possible to bolt it to a cement floor.

The corridor becomes narrower to 350 mm wide to accommodate calves and prevents them from turning around. The one-way gate allows cattle to walk forward but prevents them from reversing. Algar supplies all the equipment needed by the farmer to ease the work when handling cattle, be it for weighing, dosing, inoculating, medical treatment, artificial insemination or branding.

The sheep tipping gear is transportable, balanced en saves on cost and labour as it enables the farmer to work with his sheep all by himself.

The sheep can enter from any side of the up-ramp; it is then clamped and turned completely upside down. The farmer now has complete control of the animal. It makes it easy to trim the animal’s hooves or to crutch it. When the farmer is finished the sheep is turned right side up, released and walks away calmly and undisturbed on the other side of the tipping table and out through the gate.

Should you want to make the handling of animals easier on your farm, contact Carin Nortjé on 082-324-6256 or send her an email to You can also find their web page and Facebook page for more information at or FACEBOOK/AlgarVeetoerusting/.

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