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Easier life for wool farmers with innovative equipment by Kanna


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“Talk to the user and find out exactly what he needs; then design it, manufacture it and test it to make sure it works as planned.” This is the Willa Nolte axiom.

Willa, owner/manufacturer of the Kanna Industries equipment range, not only believes this axiom but applies it in practice. Where he exhibits his products, he talks to the farmers who visit his stall to find out how he could possible make it better to make their work easier.

These discussions, and his practical experience on the farm, convinced him to design and manufacture a fully automatic wool press (Number 1), which has already proved to be at the top end of all wool presses.

Farmers are highly delighted with this wool press because it puts more wool into a standard wool bag. This means that fewer bags are needed and that the full payload of trucks can be utilised when transporting the bales. However, some farmers wanted a cheaper model. Kanna turned to electronics and offers a wool scale as optional extra, but the cheaper electric/hydraulic wool press (Number 2) was kept to the sturdy construction and hydraulic power pack that drives the plunger. The spikes to keep the pressed wool in place, is easily placed in position by hand although the fully automatic model does it by itself with hydraulic power.

It was natural that emerging farmers, with no access to electricity, would asked for an even cheaper manual model. Kanna took up the challenge and surfaced with an equally sturdy hand/hydraulic model (Number 3) where the hydraulic power is provided by turning a hand-operated crank.

However, it did not end there. Kanna designed and built an even heavier model for wool depots (Number 4) and changed the hydraulics to a semi-automated system which also inserts its pegs using hydraulic power. It is even tougher than all the other already tough machines!

Finally this means that Kanna now has a wool press – due to the demand of consumers – that can serve the purpose of every user.

The Kanna wool bale presses are easier to operate, more efficient and gives a tighter pressed bale to save on bale sacks and finally also transport costs. There are four models available to comply with the needs of a range of consumers.

Do your sheep work in a jiffy

Another popular Kanna product is the sheep crush. It is a handling crush of three metres with conveyor belts running in a V-form on opposite sides. This is connected to the front of the crush. It picks the sheep up neatly and softly and allows the worker to work with them without frightening the sheep, hurting them, and preventing them from struggling.

To keep the sheep calm and tranquil two sections, covered with plating, are included with the sheep crush.

The conveyor belts are controlled by the operator with two big on/off pedal switches, keeping his hands free to deal with the sheep without a as they move past him. There are two platforms on either side of the sheep crush on which the workers stand while performing their various tasks without interruption.

The sheep crush is mounted on wheels and can be towed to any location where it is needed. The conveyor belts are electrically driven and, where there is no electricity, a 5,5 kVA generator can be used to provide the necessary electricity.

Kanna manufactures South Africa’s first sheep conveyor belt which lifts the sheep off their feet before it even realises it, an then convey them forward in a steady row, ready for treatment. They suffer no fear, discomfort or injury. If a sheep has to lie on its back, a handler simply lifts it with the hand under its chest while the conveyor belt moves the rear end forward.

Talk to Willa Nolte on (cell) 072-333-1051 or request further information by sending him an email message to Alternatively you can also visit the website to view the full range of the Kanna farmer friendly agricultural equipment.

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