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Dependable, durable Agrico pivots work for decades

Dependable, strong, solid – an Agrico centre pivot irrigator in a land on Izak van der Merwe’s farm.

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Dependable, robust, substantial equipment combined with exemplary service delivery – that is what every farmer wants to experience on his farm. Agrico offers all of this (and a whole lot more) and that is why every owner of an Agrico centre pivot has a permanent smile on his face. Agrico also improve their irrigation systems continuously to meet the changing circumstances of every farmer.

“The Agrico centre pivots are rather built too strong than too flimsy,” says Izak van der Merwe, who is a maize and wheat producer on his farm Kransfontein near Gariep. “Kransfontein runs on Agrico centre pivot irrigators only and I have never considered changing to any other make.”

“I am the third generation on this farm doing business with Agrico. My grandfather became a client of P Andrag and Sons way back in the 1960’s.”

Izak has already replaced sections of his older Agrico machines and found all along that the construction was beyond reproach. “I have never had a problem of a centre pivot falling over as a result of strong wind. Agrico specifically recommends high stability towers with a wider wheelbase for areas with excessive windy conditions,” says Izak.

All Izak’s new machines are fitted with Cablesaver to prevent cable theft. He is also thinking of fitting Wheelsaver wheel nuts – another innovative product thwarting tyre thieves.

With Cablesaver the electric cables are placed inside the pipes of the centre pivot. The cable is sealed with glands at the tower boxes (at the beginning and end of every tower) and is safeguarded against theft, even if the glands are unscrewed at the ends from the outside.

Wheelsaver is a system with tamperproof nuts which cannot be removed with an open spanner, standard socket, shifting spanner or monkey wrench. A special numbered tool is supplied to a responsible person on the farm to be used when repairs or maintenance is required. Agrico keeps a register of all special Wheelsaver tools supplied, should a farmer’s dedicated tool be lost.

Izak also makes use of the Agrico Advanced Rain control systems on his centre pivots. “It is very satisfactory to be able to control the machines with the aid of a cellphone or from a computer. Three people on our farm receive a message when one of the machines develops a problem. The fault can then receive immediate attention and be rectified. The control systems are also instrumental when doing farm planning and valuable in saving water and electricity.”

In instances where he did have an incident with a machine, the Agrico technicians were on the farm in a flash to fix the problem. Similar to his forbears Izak also use other dependable Agrico implements. Last year he bought, among others, a new Agrico HSD (high speed disc) with which he is highly satisfied.

Dependable, strong, solid – an Agrico centre pivot irrigator in a land on Izak van der Merwe’s farm.

The Agrico robust centre pivot structure:

• No steel of commercial quality is used;

• Pipes, flanges and angle iron are manufactured from grade 300 WA steel with controlled silicon content for repeatable high quality galvanising;

• Ultra-strong span rod connectors are used;

• The centre pivot has specific pipes in its structure to which the legs are bolted. The pipes are reinforced at tension points where stress is exerted from the legs. This eliminates the problem of pipes buckling where the legs are bolted;

• Agrico guarantees a galvanised thickness of at least 100 micron on all their centre pivots; and

• Since the coating life of the zinc layer is directly proportional to its thickness, the piping of an Agrico pivot will last at least 1,8 times as long as piping galvanised to a thickness of only 55 micron according to ISO 1461 standards.

The history of Agrico:

Paul Andrag disembarked in Cape Town in 1896 from Germany. He opened his own shop in 1904. He realised that the Cape farmers had many problems because of the lack of decent farm implements and started importing proven equipment from Europe. He opened shop and sold it to the local farmers.

In later years Paul’s five sons joined the business – P Andrag & Sons. In 1950 they established Agrico Machinery (Pty) Ltd and the importation of Lanz tractors was continued. They entered the centre pivot market in 1978 with an agency from the USA. Agrico has been manufacturing its own centre pivots locally since 1985. During 2000 Andrag and Agrico merged.

Today Agrico manufactures agricultural implements and various products for the irrigation industry in its world class factories, which also includes a galvanising plant. With its 33 branches spread over the country it has become easy for the farmer to acquire an Agrico product with the assurance that maintenance and spare parts will always be at hand.

For enquiries, contact Alfred Andrag by phoning 082-824-1214 or 021-950-4111, or send an email message to

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