Dekalb brings the farm to NAMPO… and sends a useful gift back

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Everyone who grew up on a farm knows the useful old kôkôk – the can or large bucket with the handle with which anything from water to pig feed and tomato seedlings can be carried. Monsanto’s people still knows the farmer’s heartbeat and what useful farm gift a solid kôkôk can be. Therefore, they gave a solid blue Dekalb kôkôk to everyone who visited the Monsanto stand.

Everywhere at NAMPO, satisfied farmers could be seen walking around with their blue Dekalb buckets. Those who were still empty handed rushed over to Monsanto’s stand to receive their Dekalb buckets. Monsanto gave away a thousand buckets at NAMPO every day, as well as Monsanto bumper stickers and blue lollipops.

The Dekalb buckets were utilised from the moment the visitors received them. Farmers could carry everything they bought in them, and when one’s legs got tired, the bucket was a perfect seat to rest a while.

“We had different people sit on the bucket to test whether it would be strong enough for this purpose,” says Monsanto Marketing Manager Pieter Smit.

“We thought how we could do something different at NAMPO this year, because NAMPO remains NAMPO. Then we decided to give away blue Dekalb buckets,” said Pieter.

“The Harvest day also revolves around the products that companies show – what you want to tell and show the farmers and how you can advertise. For example, we do not sell something appealing like a tractor company, so we had to make sure to get a marketing advantage. In addition, we did show our trials to our customers.”

Since last year, trail plantings have been made by the different seed companies on the site, so that farmers can properly compare and discuss all the seed technology.

Pieter believes that the farmers were more positive this year, perhaps because of their high yields, therefore farmers gladly used the opportunity to discuss and ask for advice on issues such as cultivar choices, plant populations and disease tolerance.

“We also received attention from farmers from other countries such as Botswana, the Congo and Lesotho.”

For more information on Monsanto’s seed and service, contact Yolandi Stolz at or 011-790-8200.

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