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Ctrack Always Visible: Gain full control over your fleet

Ctrack thinks of everything while they continuously upgrade their software.

Security software is getting more advanced and user friendly by the day. It saves farmers many hours of needless worry.

Ctrack, a software as a service (SaaS) solution offered by Inseego Group, is a global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance telematics, and fleet management solutions. With operations spanning over 55 countries on six continents, with 500 employees, over one million Ctrack systems were sold to date.

Their continued emphasis on researching and developing next-generation products ensures that they remain ahead of the market, meeting demands for value-added, flexible, feature-rich, and cost-effective technology that keeps everything … Always Visible.

With this goal in mind, Ctrack has developed and pioneered products that directly address the five key areas of fleet and asset management.

Ctrack’s five key areas of fleet and asset management:

Owning and operating vehicles efficiently in any business requires that the owner of the fleet must have as much information about their performance as possible.

Furthermore, transport operators need to make sure that a holistic tele-matics solution is used to address the five key fleet management areas identified by Ctrack, namely: risks, cost control, fleet utilisation, operations control, and asset control.

You are covered and have access to your Ctrack software through any imaginable platform.

Risks: Dangerous driving is a major threat to your business, as is unauthorised vehicle use. This element includes the safety, fatigue, and rest times of your drivers. It also includes general vehicle security, theft, hijackings, signal jamming, route adherence and area management.

Cost control: Driver behaviour out on the road has a big impact on your bottom line. Cost control provides insights into speeding, accidents, harsh braking and cornering, excessive idling, tacho analysis and fuel monitoring, so you can keep a lid on these costs. The monitoring of driving patterns further helps reduce fuel consumption.

Fleet utilisation: This reduces fuel and maintenance costs. Business owners need to know how their vehicles are being used, not just how they are being driven. Ctrack provides you with odometer readings, vehicle operating hours, turnaround times, route adherence, auxiliary monitoring, and waypoints.

Operations control: Real-time fleet management helps reduce fuel consumption. Keeping control of your vehicles becomes increasingly difficult as the fleet grows and your routes and schedules change. Ctrack tackles this complexity with productivity reports, route deviation details, time adherence insights and more.

Asset control: As vehicles age, it becomes difficult to have a holistic view of their individual condition. With Ctrack it is possible to receive daily health checks and odometer/hour meter readings. From here it becomes much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, keep up with vehicle license renewals, and perform accident analysis.

A principal aim of Ctrack is, from the moment the ignition is turned on, to provide as much information as possible on all operational activities, with the aim of helping to improve efficiency and reduce fleet operational costs. Ctrack can even assist in reducing the overall size of the fleet.

Ctrack, keeping your fleet … Always Visible.

Steer clear of security and maintenance surprises. Visit for more information.

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