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Crystal technology kills snails and bugs in vineyards and orchards

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After the good rain of the past season the snail population have reached epidemic proportions in Western Cape orchards and vineyards. There are literally millions of snails in the lands and vineyards, and most farmers are at their wits end. Poison is not the best remedy, especially if a farmer is a producer of fresh fruit or for the export market. Export fruit can be condemned if traces of chemicals are found on them.

However, for Arno Vlok of Riebeek-Kasteel it presents no problem. With frequency control by Agri Frequencies there are no snails to be seen – only their shells bleached white by the sun.

But it is not only snails that are controlled – Arno also obtains effective control of stinking bugs, thrips, fruit fly and a host of other insect pests. He harvests high quality fruit because the frequencies also raise the fruit sugars.

After frequencies treatment this is all that remained of the snails on the farm of Arno Vlok at Riebeek-Kasteel.

How it works: The unique Agri Frequencies process copies the frequencies emitted by insects of pests and plagues into a crystal powder, where it is stored. This powder is then connected to an aerial photograph on a quantum transmitter, which connects the frequency to the frequency of the farm.

With the quantum connection the frequencies reach the farm immediately. The farmer is able to test whether the frequencies are received on his farm. The test consists of putting water in a bottle and letting it stand until it makes bubbles.

Crystal technology has wide applications and can be indicated on the export crate with a sticker until it reaches its final destination. This prevents the development of fungi and keeps the fruit fresh. The frequencies are extremely adaptable and can control any pest anywhere in the world.

Snails converging on the vines after welcome showers in some Western Cape areas.

Even the dreaded shot-hole borer (PSHB) is controlled effectively. Agri Frequencies has developed a small instrument which kills the insect and its fungus within a radius of 40 to 200 metres and subsequently prevents further infestations. The cost amounts to only R800 for the 40 metres en R1 200 for the 200 metres instrument and they last for a lifetime.

The frequencies can also be transmitted over large areas to protect forests and plantations, or even a complete town or city. The frequencies are also effective against mice and rats, as well as jackal, lynx and crows – vermin that are responsible for huge losses of small livestock farmers in areas such as the Karoo.

Agri Frequencies also markets a product series for the home and office. These keep the home and its erf, and even an office environment, free of rats, cockroaches, termites, flies and other pests. The products are suspended in the home or placed somewhere. It comes in attractive form to make it look like ornaments.

The dreaded tree beetle, Polyphagous Shothole Borer (PSHB), is also combated with the aid of frequency technology.

Even algae can be controlled with the frequencies to keep a swimming pool and fish pond clean. Plants consume 30% less water with water structuring, which can also be transmitted over the surface – it can be compared to extra rain. By changing the structure of the water molecules it makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients. The structuring assists in the purification of water, cleaning pipes, kettles and water heaters from sludge.

Contact Jan du Plessis on (cellphone) 082-429-4055, or send an email message to, or visit the internet at .

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