Crops are unstoppable with ETG’s Soya Oemff

A meaningful increase in the yield and quality of soy beans is within every farmer’s reach. This is made possible by the exact application of fertilisers according to the plants’ needs during its different growth stages. Foliar uptake is one of the techniques employed for this practice and ETG’s innovative Kynoch fertiliser offers valuable options for this process. Kynoch’s Soya Oemff is a fine, highly soluble product.

By improving our understanding of the soya bean plant, its nutrient requirements and uptake, we have a better chance of getting the greatest benefit from our fertilisation programmes. Each different nutrient has an important effect on crop performance, and it is important to find a correct balance between macronutrients and micronutrients for soya bean crops.

Nutrients in the soil are taken up by the roots of the plant after which they are translocated within the plant, reaching the stems and leaves. Decreased water availability in the soil reduces the movement of nutrients and when this is the case, plant growth is hampered. Fortunately Soya Oemff comes to the rescue as a foliar fertiliser application to provide the crop with all the required trace elements such as copper, boron, sulphur et cetera.

Application rates

Apply three to four kilograms per hectare. Eight kg can also be applied through overhead irrigation. Apply Soya Oemff at the rate of 300 grams in a 16 litre knapsack sprayer or four kilograms per hectare.

Soya Oemff is recommended for three applications from the time of germination. The first application is due on the three to five days leaf stage, the second one during vegetative growth at one month and the last application should be administered during the flowering stage or when the pods are formed.


Soya Oemff contains macro and micro-elements in a specific ratio which is beneficial to soya beans and can be used as a general application if needed.

It is extremely useful if the soya bean plant was exposed to stress such as water logging, drought or heat, cold or chemical stress. It can be used in either very high or very low pH
conditions where specific micronutrient deficiencies are expected.


Soya beans can experience nutrient deficiencies due to other reasons, although there may be sufficient nutrients in the soil.

Soya beans are legumes and are able to fix nitrogen from the air using rhizobium bacteria. Ensuring the correct nutrition and particularly by foliar feeding at the right time, the fixation of nitrogen can be enhanced and the production of proteins and oils improved. Soya Oemff is specifically formulated to provide the nutritional needs of soya beans and the necessary micro elements are chelated.

Soya Oemff enhances the efficiency of the soya plant through, for example, improved root development and improved chlorophyll production for photosynthesis.Only one product is necessary for a foliar feed in the spray tank.

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