Construct your Africa through Liege Africa


If you want something done right the first time, then ask the right people to do it. Africa is a growth point in the world, and where people grow, buildings grow. The lack of sophisticated infrastructure on the continent means that any construction job can be a daunting task, but luckily the right people are here already.

Liege Africa believes that there will be a massive growth in agriculture and construction over the next five years. The company, with its expanding footprint on the continent and its head office situated in Lusaka, is very well positioned to make use of the construction opportunities in Zambia.

In the words of Jay Horwood, Managing Director: “We’ve worked hard to establish Liege Africa as a solid construction brand name in Zambia and South Africa, from where we service the entire African continent.

“We are known for quality and job execution and we set ourselves apart from every other construction company simply by our strong philosophy and our work culture.”

Liege Africa offers the complete spectrum of construction services, including: feasibility studies, conceptual design, planning, and construction. Whatever the form of contract, they seek to be involved with projects from an early stage. This enables them to develop a greater understanding of clients’ needs and ensure their brief is met.

The very impressive AGCO Farming for the Future-complex near Lusaka was one of Liege Africa’s projects, but construction needs not to be limited to office buildings or training facilities. Whether you want a striking home on your farm, a well designed eco-friendly warehouse and packing facility, cool housing for your dairy cows, or just a proper shed for your expensive combine, tractor and planter, look no further – Liege Africa can help.

The team is led by Jay Horwood  who has a BTech degree in Construction Management and spent several years becoming acquainted with international construction industries. His market sector experience includes commercial, health care, arts and leisure, infrastructure and residential projects.

Shannon Joynt is the Contracts Director. As a qualified Civil Engineer (NHD-S4), Shannon spent several years working in the South African, East African and West African construction and mining industries before joining Liege Africa.

Between them and the rest of their team they have more than a century’s experience in project development and construction management, and they are right here, on your doorstep!

For all your construction needs, contact Liege Africa at 0211-267395 or Visit for more information.



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