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Cleverest ever John Deere four-track tractor surprise in SA

The four caterpillar tracks on the impressive 8RX fixed-frame tractor makes turning easy. The new look was developed in cooperation with the BMW styling team.

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The smart, powerful new John Deere 8RX – the industry’s first fixed-frame four-track tractor with four caterpillar tracks, will also be launched in South Africa in 2020. The 8RX combines artificial intelligence, electronic control through the internet, and advanced automation, which will help farmers to farm more efficiently. The newly developed tractor was recently recognised when it received an honorary award in the category “Tech for a Better World” in the CES Innovation Awards occasion in America.

Freddie Rupping, product system specialist – tractor marketing, says: “We are very excited about role of the 8RX in the improvement of crop yields in Africa.”

The CES awards have been the most prominent platform for the past 50 years where new developments in the technological field have been announced and tested against parameters of design, usefulness, engineering ingenuity, consumer attraction and positive influence it may have on the world. Selection and judging is done by a panel of knowledgeable designers, engineers and members of the technology media.

The test model in the 8R series was ‘baptised’ by a welcome rain shower during its first showing at the John Deere awards function in Kemptonpark.

As world leader in agricultural technology John Deere specialise in assisting farmers with challenges encountered in agriculture. “We feel honoured to receive this award from a prominent technology organisation because it underlines our dedication to agriculture and our creativity and technology,” says Freddie.

The 8RX is a powerful fixed-frame tractor with four caterpillar tracks embodying smart technology in a user-friendly design. “The award recognise our creative solutions for precision agriculture that empowers farmers to increase production and sustenance to a growing world population,” says Freddie.

The first test model tractor was recently disembarked and made a surprising appearance during the annual John Deere awards function where it dominated the talk of top technicians in the country regarding the tractor’s looks and technology.

It is still not clear which models will be available in Southern Africa because all local regulatory compatibility tests have to be complied with first. The refining levels of diesel available in South Africa, for example, is one of the challenges before new tractor technology can be introduced in the country.

The tractors are already available in America and the European Union. The following are a few of the characteristics exciting both farmers and technology scribes: The 8RX boasts – similar to the other models in the high technology range – built-in Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ control screen, a StarFire™ 6000 receiver and AutoTrac™ for smooth automation of precision tasks.

The new 8-series encompasses the 8R with wheels, the 8RT with two caterpillar tracks and the 8RX with four caterpillar tracks. The precision technology package supplied with the tractor range includes five years’ access to JDLink™ with John Deere Connected Support™.

A view of the roomy interior of the top model in the new 8R series.

Farmers can choose between a wide range of axle and wheel combinations with various widths and sizes. Further there are different power transfer options, such as the proven John Deere e23™ PowerShift transmission, or the Infinitely Variable Transmission™ (IVT) and even the JD emblem on the outside of the cab, complete with the classic signature of the John Deere founder!

Other practical improvements are wider running boards, a lower outside door handle so that the driver can open the door before getting into the cab, a wider entrance, more head room and a swivelling seat which makes it easier to watch the implement behind the tractor. Although the total technology package will only be available with the new tractors, plenty of the new technology is already built into existing models in South Africa.

Contact your nearest dealer to find out more about John Deere’s precision solutions for your farm. Phone Freddie Rupping on +27-82-809-8403, or get further information on the internet at .

The powerful tractor is made even more so by powerful information and communication systems.

IMPORTANT: Although the product has been launched in America and the European Union, it will only be marketed in South Africa and other countries in Sub-Sahara-Africa (SSA) once it complies with all local regulations.

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