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CLAAS makes child’s play of world mowing record

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Like a hot knife through butter – that is how the CLAAS DISCO 1100 RC mower conditioner moved through the lucerne fields to beat the world record for lucerne mowing in eight hours by a big margin.

This attempt took place on 1st July this year on Mesbergen Farms, Colorado, USA, where Tate Mesbergen entered the cabin of his Axion 800 and pushed the DISCO 1100 RC into the lucerne.

Conditions were not perfect as 12,7 mm rain fell the previous day and left the soil a little soggier than ideal. But Tate knew he could rely on his CLAAS tractor and DISCO 1100 RC windrower to do the trick.

Exactly eight hours later Tate was the new world record holder! His support team and the independent witnesses were not only impressed but wide-eyed at his achievement – 141,1 ha lucerne with a yield of 5,24 tons dry mass per hectare!

This beats the previous world record with more than 40,5 ha.

More important, the previous record was set with grass, not lucerne, and with a mower without conditioner. This make’s Tate’s achievement even more impressive.

Furthermore Tate’s record was set on four different lands, not close to each other, requiring the mower to be folded frequently to enable the ensemble to drive to the next field.

But that is not all – there were two unplanned diversions. The first was when Tate hit a concrete block in the first field and had to make an inspection stop to make sure there was no damage to the mower. Luckily it was undamaged – CLAAS is tough!

The second interruption was only intended to ensure that the mower had folded correctly before moving to the last field.

Quick as lightning!

On the lands Tate moved at a maximum speed of 30 k/ph through the lucerne and between the fields the AXION travelled at 50 k/ph. But this does not mean that the DISCO 1100 RC did skimpy work in any manner. The lucerne was neatly and cleanly mowed and the stems lightly bruised to enable quick drying without any leaf loss and eventually provide the fortunate animals that will ingest the top quality fodder with maximum eating pleasure and high nutritional value.

The necessary proof and documentation of Tate’s prowess have been sent to the Guinness Book of Records where this world record could probably stand behind the CLAAS name for a very long time.


CLAAS – a proud family record in itself

CLAAS was established in 1913 as a family enterprise and is presently one of the most respected world leaders in the manufacturing of agricultural implements.

CLAAS is the undisputed world leader with their combines and self-propelled silage cutters and plays an important role through the world in successful agriculture with its range of excellent tractors, balers and hay-making equipment, also in providing innovating information technology to farmers.

CLAAS has about 10 900 employers over the world and, in the 2017 book year, notched up a turnover of €3,7 billion.

CLAAS – the name a farmer can depend on!

Tate Mesbergen of Colorado established a new world record with his CLAAS DISCO 1100 RC mower/conditioner by mowing 141,1 hectares lucerne within eight hours. With him is the proud CLAAS team.

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