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Choose Carl Hamm for superior quality water extraction solutions

The ZSM riser pipe connection from Carl Hamm will ensure that your water extraction investment is kept safe. Read the ZSM connection article on for more detail.

Boreholes are not cheap, especially if the subterranean water on your farm is not close to the surface. One of the greatest catastrophes that can occur on your farm is borehole equipment failure.

That is why you should choose only the highest quality in borehole pumps, riser pipes and connections to ensure that your investment will last.

Carl Hamm prides itself in superior quality borehole equipment. Apart from the high-strength materials that they use in their products, they also design their products with safety, durability, and longevity in mind. Carl Hamm provides a unique water abstraction solution to every client. They ensure that all the variables are taken into consideration and then multiply the results by two to three times to ensure safety.

Carl Hamm is also very proud to be associated with Stüwa – a German company that has been in the industry since 1883. The Stüwa group of companies are manufacturers of superior quality water extraction products with nearly 140 years of experience. African farmers can now also access Stüwa products by contacting Carl Hamm for any of their water extraction needs.

Riser pipes are a cardinal part of the water extraction system. The ZSM riser pipes from Carl Hamm are available in sizes ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm. The standard 3-metre lengths are available although they can supply riser pipes of up to 6 metres in length. Pipe wall thickness range between 2 mm and 6 mm, and farmers can choose between seamless, or longitudinally seam-welded pipes.

In the stainless-steel pipe range, different types of stainless steel are available, depending on the application and water quality. The S235JR (ST37-2) plastic-coated steel serves as a basic material approved for drinking water, while the S235JR (ST37-2) galvanized steel is only suitable to a limited extent for drinking water, and to be used for flange connections only.

A range of connection types is also available on the riser pipes, depending on the technical requirements and installation guidelines.

The four connection types on offer are:

•Riser pipes with welded neck flanges

•Riser pipes with smooth flanges

•ZSM riser pipes

•Threaded riser pipes

For more information on how Carl Hamm can ensure that your borehole is safely equipped to suit your unique needs, contact Carl Hamm CEO, Chris Munnick, on +27(0)10-900-2005 or send an e-mail to Visit their website at

Depending on the technical requirements of your installation, one of the following riser pipes and connectors can be used:

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