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    Gumboro Disease and the MB-Strain

    by Dr Oscar Blanco (DVM, PhD), Phibro Animal Health Corporation Gumboro disease, also known as Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), is a threat to all poultry enterprises. This is a contagious disease affecting young birds. The virus targets the Bursa of Fabricius, an organ located above the cloaca (Figure 1), in which the maturation of cells […] More

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    Valley puts every drop of water to use

    The winning photo from the Show me your Valley photo competition was taken by Janco Joubert from Orma Boerdery. The miracle element for growth is water. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately, rain can be unpredictable, and farmers need to find other solutions to water their crops. Many options exist, but one of the most effective, reliable, […] More

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    Advanced Polymer provides advanced solutions: Improve your soil, build roads, and fight fires

    Farmers in Africa can also enjoy the environmentally friendly products for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications developed by Advanced Polymer, Incorporated. The South African based company collaborates closely with customers to develop their solutions. Soil Zytonic-M Biological Booster Natural soil ecosystems have been destroyed by conventional high intensity farming practices. Zytonic-M Biological […] More

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    Plan ahead: Strategise success

    Planning ahead is key to guaranteeing success in meeting goals and making a profit (Source: Pexels) Now, more than ever, agricultural production requires farmers to fully understand all aspects of their production systems, ensuring that they are meticulous in gathering and compiling all the relevant details. Farming now requires a holistic approach that covers aspects […] More

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    Tiger Animal Feeds – More than just feed for dairy farms Part 1

    by Given Hamnungu, Tiger Feeds Livestock Technical Advisor Setting up a dairy farm Dairy farming is one of the most profitable farming enterprises, but it requires significant financial input, time, and planning. Before undertaking such a project, a farmer should set clear goals for the farm and understand why he is undertaking the project. Because […] More

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    Novatek fish feed range

    The Novatek fish feed range is a favourite amongst farmers. Our feed is cost-effective and results in optimum performance. Our feed is locally produced, and our technical team is always willing to help farmers with feeding guidelines and general queries about husbandry. There are a few on-farm guidelines to follow: • Feed to satiation, but […] More

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    Plants perform much better with mulch

    Better results can be expected if plants are well fed and protected from extreme temperatures. One of the ways to achieve this, is mulching. Mulching means placing organic or inorganic matter on the surface of vegetable beds and around fruit trees to maintain moisture in the soil. Using mulch is the best way to conserve […] More

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    Erosion control in Malawi: Part 2

    In the previous issue of ProAgri Zambia and ProAgri BNZ we discussed the use of natural materials that are at hand to help control soil erosion caused by run-off water, whether caused by rain and floods, or excess irrigation water. These methods were used in Malawi by Ken Coetzee and Wallie Stroebel of Conservation Management […] More

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    Effective water harvesting techniques: Part 1

    The farmer’s most important harvest – water A valuable, crucial asset for any farmer is water. Every drop of water should be coveted and fully utilised. The term ‘water harvesting’ generally refers to the collection of rainstorm-generated run-off from a particular area (a catchment) in order to provide water for human, animal, or crop use. […] More

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    This is the road to a successful layer chicken farm

    by Brian Sitali, Technical Advisor of Tiger Animal Feeds A layer is a commercially viable egg producing bird. Eggs are in great demand because of their nutritional value, easy and quick preparation time and as co-ingredient in a wide variety of applications (household and commercial), hence layer farming has gained importance as one of the […] More

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    Processing of condiments Part 14: Pickled bell peppers

    Peppers can easily be pickled in a brine or vinegar solution, alone or with other vegetables and seasoning. The variety of coloured peppers available make attractive pickles. Certain varieties can be pickled as whole pods, while larger peppers are cut into strips. Process description Harvesting of bell peppers Bell peppers are harvested by hand into […] More

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    Poultry farming Part 3: Budget

    Last month we looked at the importance of planning before you start your poultry farming enterprise. We discussed twelve points that must be kept in mind when you are considering farming chickens for meat or eggs. This month we look at drawing up a budget to show you what the approximate cost will be, what […] More

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