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    Turn your crops into condiments and seasonings – Part 6.4: Grinding, distillation, and centrifugation ginger

    Grinding Grinding involves exposing dried products to friction and pressure to produce a fine powder. Before extraction of the oil can take place, the dried rhizomes are ground. Size reduction of dry food products: Ball mills: The ball mill consists of a slowly rotating, horizontal steel cylinder that is half-filled with steel balls. The balls […] More

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    Rotary tillers are simple but effective: Part 2 – The tractor-drawn model and the self-propelled heavy duty rotary tiller

    A rotary tiller should be regarded as an alternative soil cultivation implement that can function in cooperation with other implements, for example tine implements. Some of the rotary tillers are self-propelled and some are tractor driven. The bigger horizontal axis rotary tiller consists of a frame that is attached to the three-point-hitch of a tractor. […] More

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    Keep your horses strong and fit with Novatek Horse Feed

    by Wiehan Visagie Whoever said a dog is man’s best friend never owned a horse. Our equine counterparts have been part of human civilisation for many years. First, they were only used as working horses, but as of late horses are used for a variety of sport disciplines, farm animals, as well as companion animals. […] More

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    FieldNET and Zimmatic: a winning combination for Namibian farmer

    Article Provided Gerhard Spangenberg farms with maize and wheat in Namibia. Two years ago, he purchased his first two Zimmatic pivots and a FieldNET subscription after hearing a lot about these products from other producers. We met Gerhard to get a better idea about exactly how his farming business benefited from the Zimmatic and FieldNET […] More

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    Fish farming part 2: Sampling the catch

    Sampling is the process of weighing fish to determine the growth rate and performance. Fish sampling involves taking weights and measurements such as body length, and the weight of the fish population. A sample represents an entire population and therefore should be large enough to detect any variations. At farm level, monthly sampling is ideal, […] More

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    Novatek gives tips on fish farming: Stocking and stocking density

    by Robert Kanyembo, Aquaculture Research and Development Manager, Novatek Animal Feeds Zambia The topic of how much fish should be put in a production system has been of a growing concern and somewhat a detriment to aquaculture development. Many are the times fish farmers complain that their fish are not growing as they should or […] More

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    Bayer shapes the future of agriculture through innovative products

    Improving production and profits while minimising expense and effort is every farmer’s goal. Bayer understands this and continuously develops products that will enable a farmer to achieve these goals. That is why Bayer introduced new crop protection products to the agricultural market. These products are specifically focussed on the tobacco and cotton industry and were […] More

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    STAFIX helps you to make the most of your natural resources

    Destruction of our natural grazing takes place at an alarming rate. This tragic fact holds true for countries in Africa, but also for many other countries around the world. The questions are: How? Why? and Is there a solution? Yes, there is a solution, and the straight answer as to the how and why this […] More

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    Fish farming – part 1: Fish deserve more than just feed

    Article supplied by Tiger Animal Feeds Fish is a healthy source of protein and nutrition. It is a great addition to starch-based diets from maize without many other sources of protein in the diet. Consuming fish provides amino acids and fatty acids, which are essential for brain and body development. The Zambian government recognizes the […] More

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    Create the perfect environment for your dairy cattle – Part 16: Microcomputers and feeding systems

    Good old fashioned milk recording with pen and paper was inexpensive, but it was unreliable and brought about many problems. It also increased the workload when it had to be processed into meaningful information. We are already deep into the age of microchips, scanners, large capacity, high-speed computer processors and cloud technology. Combined, these aids […] More

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    Turn your crops into condiments and seasonings – Part 6.3: Drying of ginger

    Drying is the removal of surface and/ or internal moisture from a product to lower the overall moisture content. There are various methods to dry ginger, each with a different purpose and results. Cabinet dryers A cabinet dryer consists of an insulated cabinet, fitted with shallow mesh or perforated trays. Onto each tray a thin […] More

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    Qualibasic Seeds: Improved seed quality leads to increased productivity

    Food security in Africa demands the availability of high-quality seeds to achieve high crop productivity. However, this has remained a pipe-dream within Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) despite the region having huge potential to maximise its agricultural productivity. As a result, farmers experience a shortage of high-quality seeds during planting season, increasing the temptation of recycling saved […] More

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