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    Video: Dry Ice for Boreholes

    Did you know you can use dry ice to open a blocked borehole? Using dry ice is an ideal and powerful way to clean a borehole without toxic chemicals. Dry ice sinks to the bottom where it boils off and returns into a gas. This forms pressurised carbonated water which increases pressure in the borehole […] More

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    SPECK: More than just pumps

    SPECK South Africa is a circulation pump manufacturer at its core and the 1st SPECK pump hit the South African shores 52 years ago from Germany, where they have been designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality SPECK pumps for over 112 years.  We have however added so many more products over the years that we […] More

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    DAB Pumps are leaders in innovation

    DAB Pumps has once again proven to be the leaders in innovation by launching the DAB S4Sun solar borehole solution in South Africa. This didn’t happen overnight and extensive field trails were carried out over a period of two years, prior to going to market.  The S4Sun solar borehole solution was put through its paces […] More