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    Afriq water: Irrigating for a greener tomorrow

    Afriq Water provides water-related advice and support to customers in Southern Africa with an in-depth knowledge of the irrigation and water supply industry. We are committed to supporting clients with solutions that are appropriate to their specific needs. In the process of sourcing products from various reputable suppliers worldwide, certain product ranges are identified to […] More

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    Video: Dry Ice for Boreholes

    Did you know you can use dry ice to open a blocked borehole? Using dry ice is an ideal and powerful way to clean a borehole without toxic chemicals. Dry ice sinks to the bottom where it boils off and returns into a gas. This forms pressurised carbonated water which increases pressure in the borehole […] More

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    Video: The advantages of using PlusNet shade net

    On a recent trip to the Eastern Cape, PlusNet’s photographer, Jaco Bothma, captured the stunning sites Eastern Cape farmers had to offer. The video below is a collection of the beautiful shots along with more information on the Advantages of using Shade Net. For more information visit: More

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    Pioneer se sonneblomsaadbasters is ontwerp met die oog op boere

    Kyk onderstaande videos om meer uit te vind oor Pioneer se sonneblomsaadbasters Pioneer P65LL02 Ons P65LL02 sonneblom kultivar is een van die mees stabielste basters in die mark en ook ‘n volseisoen baster. Pioneer P65LL02: Dit is hoe Pioneer sonneblom P65LL02 lyk Pioneer P65LL14 Ons P65LL14 sonneblom kultivar is ‘n medium- tot lang volseisoen baster […] More

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    Pioneer maize seeds: fill your planter with the best thinking in modern farming

    Watch the videos below on Pioneers product offering of maize Pioneer P2553 Our P2553 is a Pioneer hybid for the Eastern areas. Pioneer P1513 Our P1513 hybrid seed is a quick grower with very good agronomical characteristics – a great replacement for the 33H56-range for the East. Pioneer P1788 Pioneer P1788 seed is a maize […] More

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    Massey Ferguson se Global-reeks is veel meer as mooi, rooi trekkers

    Trekkers wat presies vir hulle taak gemaak is, is noodsaaklik vir ՚n boer wat vooruit wil boer. In die onderstaande video gesels ons met Louis van der Walt wat al vir die afgelope 26 jaar op die plaas Spitskop tussen Louis Trichardt en Vivo in die verre Noorde boer. Louis vertel ons waarom die Massey […] More

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    Baling with TamaNet+

    TamaNet+ product features part 1 – 5: TamaNet+ Part 1: Improved special material mix TamaNet+ Part 2: Better smooth feeding system TamaNet+ Part 3: Netlock technology TamaNet+ Part 4: Improved velcro effect TamaNet+ Part 5: Improved bale grip Visit for more. More

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    With videos, ONLINE Game Auctions, 24/7 LIVE cameras on wildlife animals on Shayamanzi game farm, a cell phone Horn Measuring Tool (Parsons Gauge), Big 5 E-books, a Leopard Mystery Music Album based on true wildlife animal stories and many more EXCLUSIVELY available to all loyal APP subscribers! R10 000 JPF Accident Cover is included […] More

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    Gallagher TW-1 Built to last!

    Contact information: Lee-Ann +27(0)73 001 4690 | +27(0)11 971 4200 @GallagherAnimalManagementSouthAfrica    Email: More

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    Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale

    Watch the video below on Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale Unboxing: Watch the video below on Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale in action: Contact information: Lee-Ann +27(0)73 001 4690 | +27(0)11 971 4200 @GallagherAnimalManagementSouthAfrica    Email: More

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    Gallagher TWR-5 Record Treatment, Batch Number and Expiry Date

    Watch the video below on TWR-5 Record Treatment, Batch Number and Expiry Date: Contact information: Lee-Ann +27(0)73 001 4690 | +27(0)11 971 4200 @GallagherAnimalManagementSouthAfrica    Email: More

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