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    Sheep farming made easy – Part 1: Sheep production and breed choices

    Sheep production is becoming more popular in Southern Africa and the prices of small stock are increasing at livestock auctions. This month we start with a brand-new series, taking an in-depth look at everything about sheep farming. All animals have seasons of growth. The success of small stock farming rests on the implementation of critical […] More

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    Farming with goats – Part 6: Housing and feeding your goats successfully

    Shelter Goats need to be confined at night for a number of reasons: • To provide shelter from bad weather • To prevent theft • To prevent predation If animals are kraaled but are not provided with a shelter, they will be exposed to the weather and will not be able to choose a place […] More

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    Liquid gold: The importance of colostrum in new-born calves

    Article supplied Colostrum is the natural and most important defence mechanism against disease for new-born calves. Adequate quality and quantity of colostrum fed to calves promptly leads to higher performance, immune success, and reduces economic losses. To ensure efficient, high performance calf rearing, one of the critical success factors is correct colostrum feeding during the […] More

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    Voer jou vee vir sukses – met Rumax se rugsteun

    Voer maak die verskil tussen sukses en mislukking in veeboerdery. Dit weet almal. Goeie voer verbeter produksie en verlaag die veeartsrekening. Die gehalte van die voermengsel moet ook konstant gehandhaaf word om die beste moontlike produksiesyfers te verseker. Om die voer se gehalte deurgaans dieselfde te hou, en die voerrekening laer te hou, besluit al […] More

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    Gras is goed, maar voeding verg meer: Vul fosfaat en proteïene aan met Bolifor® MAP

    Genoeg reën in die meeste dele van ons land het ons diere vanjaar met groot happe aan die goeie gras laat smul. Maar nou staan die somer einde se kant toe. Graspolle is volgroeid en besig om saad te skiet. Die gehalte en voedingswaarde van die gras neem met die begin van herfs en winter […] More

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    Infrastructure for stock farming

    by Louis de Jager, Kameelboom Akademie, Comprehensive practical farmer training A farm without any infrastructure is not a farm! A farming enterprise cannot be managed efficiently without infrastructure, and that means that no stock management or veld management will be possible. The veld will be destroyed and inbreeding will be inevitable. What is infrastructure? Infrastructure […] More

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    Stretch your grazing with good management

    Natural grazing is an excellent and also the cheapest source of fodder for the livestock of Southern Africa, and the majority of the millions of cattle, small stock and game are being fed by this natural resource. The natural veld forms the basis of the region’s production of animals and animal products. Causes of veld […] More

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    Foot-and-mouth must be contained to save the meat industry

    An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the communal farming areas in the northern region of Namibia has to be contained to prevent a possible ban on exports which can lead to huge losses in the meat industry. Reuters reports that the outbreak was first detected in the Ndiyona constituency in the northern region of […] More

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    HBH Tuli wen Stefan van Wyk-wisseltrofee vir die Tuli-kudde van die Jaar 2020

    Getroue vriend en kollega wat ՚n groot rol in die vetiging en uitbou van ProAgri gespeel het, Stefan van Wyk, se naam leef na sy afsterwe in 2018 voort in die Stefan van Wykwisseltrofee. Stefan was wyd bekend in die landbougemeenskap; ook as Tulikeurder/-inspekteur. Die Tuli-genootskap het ՚n wisseltrofee spesiaal vir hom geskep vanweë sy […] More

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    Make a living out of your own backyard: Get chickens to do the hard work

    Belinda Sparrow-Smith from Bulawayo says: “One day I was spraying a fruit tree with a natural remedy against some harmful insects when my daughter ran past getting some of the spray on her. I remember thinking, what if this were poison? Then I started looking at all the things we were buying to eat, wondering […] More

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    Brucellosis and the risk for humans

    Modern consumers are more informed about the origin of products than ever before. During the past two decades there has been a major effort from both consumers and producers to promote the traceability of agricultural products. One of the main reasons for this trend is to ensure that the threat of infection by diseases such […] More

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    Pig production guide – Part 9:

    This summary article concludes the pig farming series published in the recent issues of ProAgri BNZ. Pig feed Good, high-quality feed is essential for pig production. Proper feed does not only lead to healthier pigs, but also to more profit. Pig feed can drastically impact on the profitability of a pig farm due to the […] More

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