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    Timac Agro fertilizers are tops in drought conditions

    Technology reigns in today’s world; why not then also when it comes to fertilisers? This is the feeling of the Timac Agro crowd. They offer farmers right through the country sustainable plant and animal production and their products are especially popular among the vineyard growers in the Western Cape. Timac Agro markets granular fertilizers as […] More

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    Beeste presteer op selfgemengde lek en voer

    deur Alina Taute, Yara Animal Nutrition SA Willem Pieterse is die eienaar van Sarwipi Beefmasters, ’n Beefmasterstoet in die Greylingstad-omgewing, en hy glo daaraan dat sy bulle bogemiddeld moet presteer, maar so ekonomies moontlik gevoer moet word totdat hulle op driejarige ouderdom op ’n jaarlikse produksieveiling aangebied word. Die beskikbaarheid van Sarwipi Beefmaster-veilingsbulle begin met […] More

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    Erect a fence in a jiffy with Bonnox

    Nowadays, the condition of a farmer’s fence is equally important to that of his sheep. Therefore, Johan Venter, part-time sheep farmer and broker from Middelburg, quickly erected a fence on his farm. “Two years ago, we acquired the 40 hectares of land for the purpose of erecting a factory to manufacture safety doors, but I […] More

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    Technology drives Timac Agro

    Thousands of farmers all over the world trust Timac Agro for lucrative, sustainable plant and animal production. Timac Agro not merely delivers the product on the farm and then does a disappearing trick. “Our aim is to accompany the farmer step by step on his journey. Our technical marketers do not only build a relationship […] More

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    Produce prize animals with Timac Agro

    Optimum application of available resources is the key to farming success in our country. This is the firm conviction of Schalk Hugo, who farms with his diligent wife, Anelle, near Frankfort in the often maligned flat Free State. Initially they farmed part-time for eight years, but exchanged the city two years ago in favour of […] More

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    Span tjop-tjop ’n heining met Bonnox

    Die toestand van ’n boer se heining is vandag net so belangrik as sy skape, daarom het Johan Venter, ’n deeltydse skaapboer en makelaar van Middelburg, tjop-tjop ’n Bonnox-heining op sy plaas gespan. “Ons het twee jaar gelede die 40 hektaar grond bekom en die eintlike doel was om ’n fabriek op te rig waar […] More

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    Veeboere: Kanna bespaar tyd, geld en arbeid

    ’n Skare arbeiders is nie meer nodig om die werk op ’n plaas gedoen te kry nie. Daarvoor sorg Kanna Industries se nuwe veehanteringstoerusting. “Ons bou en toets tans nuwe veehanteringstoerusting, maar boere kan dit by NAMPO Kaap en Agri Megaweek kom bekyk,” sê Willa Nolte van Kanna. Skaapvervoerband – ’n eerste in SA Die […] More

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    Let your cattle put their best foot forward

    by Johan Hoewe In South Africa we have been cutting cows’ hooves correctly for the last 22 years. Before this period, animals of the highest quality was lost due to the lack of knowledge about how to pick up a one ton plus bull’s hoof without injury and to cut it smoothly. Many animals, especially […] More

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    Erect Bonnox like this: Eleven steps to success

     Order from the friendly people at Bonnox, because then you will get genuine Bonnox fencing, and they will help you to obtain the correct posts, binding wire and tools to do the job. Measure your fence in sections of 98 metres to provide for tying the ends to the post and put up a plumb […] More

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