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    Wetlike aspekte van Brucellose-beheer

    Die hoofdoel van die Wet op Dieresiektes, No 35 van 1984 (“die Wet”) is om belangrike en gevaarlike dieresiektes te beheer. Hierdie Wet en die Regulasies daaronder bevat algemene bepalings maar stipuleer ook spesifieke beheermaatreëls vir seker dieresiektes soos brucellose. Veeboere moet sekere mense inlig oor siektes Artikel 11 van die Wet bepaal dat veeboere […] More

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    Experts prefer Bonnox as their first line of defence

    Game poaching is an enormous problem in the Lowveld and a large portion of a game farmer’s security expenditure goes towards his first line of defence – the fence around his farm. The well-known Mabalel game farm and resort east of Nelspruit, directly next to the N4, has had to deal with its quota game […] More

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    Sheep farming made easy

    Clearly defined pens for every purpose or operation makes farming so much easier and enjoyable. But keep in mind that animals staying in an enclosed area offer many challenges. It is sensible to place your animal pens downwind and in such a position in relation to the housing and feed processing area that odours and […] More

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    Careful ewe feeding: The key to successful lamb production

    by Wiehan Visagie Any sheep farmer will agree that when production is effective, profitability on the farm will improve. The best way to maintain income is to focus on the development and growth of the off spring. In sheep production, farmers have to invest a lot of effort to secure the nutrition of the ewe, […] More

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    Bonnox keep animals in and out – neat, quick and effective

    Speed and efficiency – two factors worth their weight in gold on any modern farm. Bonnox fencing is an excellent example of an efficient time-saving solution for many farmers. Farmers widely acknowledge that Bonnox provides in all the fencing requirements of the modern farmer and his/her farm. Peter Thomas and his son, Tyrone, farm close […] More

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    Use all your senses to produce bright broilers

    by Given Hamanungu – Tiger Feeds Technical Advisor, Zambia The primary objective of broiler management is to achieve the required bird performance in terms of its live weight, feed conversion, uniformity and meat yield, within the economic constraints. True broiler farming requires positive and constant human interaction with the broiler and its environment. The broiler […] More

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    Sheep farming made easy – Part 10: Handling systems

    The sheep handling facility consists of ramps, pens and scales. A practical approach is the secret in designing the facility and even aspects such as sheep behaviour should be considered. This month we look at fixed, adaptable and mobile loading ramps. We thank the ARC Institute for Agricultural Engineering in South Africa for making their […] More

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    Weaning cattle for maximum production

    by Judy Richardson and Michael Cox Weaning is an essential task for cattle farmers but it tends to be a very stressful time for both the farmer and the cattle. Separating cows from calves at weaning is often characterised by broken fences as cows and calves try to re-unite, unsettled cattle, bawling calves and bellowing […] More

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    Bonnox Ringlok® fencing excels over hills and dales

    If you believe that everything has to be fenced safely in its own domain, Bonnox is the fence that will do it for you. Kobus Pretorius and his wife, Erna, gave up their town existence for Panbult, their own piece of paradise – a smallholding in the plantations near Amsterdam on the Eastern Highveld in […] More

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    Easy livestock farming with Algar animal handling equipment

    The Algar range of livestock handling equipment is the answer to the farmer’s need to handle his livestock – big and small – for different purposes easily, speedily and effectively. Livestock farmers visiting NAMPO Cape in Bredasdorp this year could not believe their eyes when they saw the Algar strong and durable equipment making child’s […] More

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    Timac Agro fertilizers are tops in drought conditions

    Technology reigns in today’s world; why not then also when it comes to fertilisers? This is the feeling of the Timac Agro crowd. They offer farmers right through the country sustainable plant and animal production and their products are especially popular among the vineyard growers in the Western Cape. Timac Agro markets granular fertilizers as […] More

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    Beeste presteer op selfgemengde lek en voer

    deur Alina Taute, Yara Animal Nutrition SA Willem Pieterse is die eienaar van Sarwipi Beefmasters, ’n Beefmasterstoet in die Greylingstad-omgewing, en hy glo daaraan dat sy bulle bogemiddeld moet presteer, maar so ekonomies moontlik gevoer moet word totdat hulle op driejarige ouderdom op ’n jaarlikse produksieveiling aangebied word. Die beskikbaarheid van Sarwipi Beefmaster-veilingsbulle begin met […] More

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