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    Manage livestock the sure and easy way with Gallagher products

    Decades of intimate cooperation between Gallagher and South African farmers enabled the company to develop the company’s livestock handling products to become world-wide stalwarts in agriculture. But it has no end – Gallagher still depend on the unstinting support and practical ingenuity of the hands-on farmer to continue designing and manufacturing even more efficient aids […] More

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    Make profit by mixing your own livestock feed

    The main purpose of stock farming is profitability. The most important factors determining profitability is animal fertility and the growth of the offspring.  Both are directly dependent on the nutritional status of the animal. Modern high producing animals require a wide range of different macro- and micro-nutrients at the correct and balanced levels to produce […] More

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    Precision farming gives Merino breeder 100% live lambs

    The success of a sheep famer depends on the percentage of lambs which goes to the market eventually in relation to the number of ewes which dropped them. A farmer already has a continuous fight against drought, vermin and crime – he cannot afford not to ensure that there is a 100% lambing percentage. “So […] More

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    Make working with livestock a pleasure with Algar equipment

    One could see it from far away – the dark grey and bright orange Algar livestock handling equipment displayed at NAMPO 2019. Algar is a well-known name in the livestock industry for stalwart, strong, affordable and efficient equipment for the safe handling of your animals. The Algar equipment range helps you save time and expensive […] More

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    Less trauma for animals with the Ratsbrand tool range

    No farmer likes the essential process of branding, dehorning and docking of his/her animals because it remains a painful process. Furthermore it is no pleasure to work under the naked sun with red-hot branding irons and with animals that refuse to cooperate. Ratsbrand tackled the problem and managed to reduce the trauma of animal handling […] More

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    The future lies in livestock: Cattle Wealth Management Firm opens its doors to the public!

    by staff writer Field days are fun days for farmers, with the added benefit of learning the latest on the subject presented. Cattle Wealth Management Firm recently held a very successful field day where all the right boxes were ticked. The firm invited the general public to its first ever field day on Saturday 25 […] More

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    RPO Noord-Kaap-kongres: Boere moet hulle toekoms op hoop bou

    “Die droogte, die verkiesing, onteiening sonder vergoeding en die onlangse uitbraak van bek- en klouseer laat van ons boere soms raadop,” sê Johan van der Colff, voorsitter van die RPO (Rooivleisprodusente-organisasie) Noord-Kaap tydens die kongres in Kimberley by die Horseshoe Inn op 5 en 6 Junie 2019. Maar ten spyte van al die slegte dinge […] More

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    Spoil livestock for performance – mix with Rumax

    The old adage of “You are what you eat” is certainly true when it comes to farming livestock. That is why animals feeding on rations mixed in a Rumax feed mixer simply means more profit in the farmer’s pocket. Rumax feed and concentrate mixers earns twice for the farmer – through savings and their efficiency. […] More

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    Versatile Bonnox works on a versatile farm

    Bonnox is rightly a famous and respected brand on farms all over Southern Africa. Just like Bonnox, Jasmyn Farm and Farmstall at Hartbeespoort Dam near Pretoria in South Africa is a coveted household name. This versatile enterprise manages to produce nearly all the agricultural products for their farmers market and restaurant in town on a […] More

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    Country-wide Meadow factories make famous livestock feeds

    Meadow needs no introduction to South African livestock farmers. As part of the Astral Group, which has a huge share in the South African chicken production chain – from genetic production to several chicken meat and egg producer trademarks – Meadow supplies high quality formulated chicken feeds. This giant undertaking also manufactures complete feed ranges […] More

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    Kanna makes sheep handling easier, Mr. Woolgrower

    Better, easier, quicker, more efficient and affordable – these are the aims of Kanna, the clever designer and manufacturer of equipment that allow the farmer’s work to flow, make his life easier and his business also more profitable. It is no wonder because all the Kanna plans were born directly on the farm and contrived […] More

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