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    Making profit from poultry: Part 9

    In this concluding article we summarise the whole poultry series published in the previous issues of ProAgri BNZ. Broiler and egg production are becoming increasingly popular among small-scale farmers. It is relatively easy to raise broilers and you do not need a lot of space. Chicken meat is also extremely popular throughout the world. It […] More

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    Chicken farming: Fight the invisible enemy with these biosecurity measures

    Security on chicken farms should guard your flock against more than just theft. The invisible enemy, disease, can cause extreme losses on your chicken farm. Certain biosecurity measures can be taken to ensure that your chickens are kept safe from disease. Biosecurity is a set of management measures that collectively reduce the chances of introducing […] More

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    Let Tiger Animal Feeds build your business

    “You’ve got to give yourself the freedom to dream, to use your imagination to see and feel what does not yet exist. A vision is not the same as goals or objectives; those come from the head. A vision comes from the heart.” – John Graham Every business must have one or more owners whose […] More

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    Making profit from poultry Part 7: Identify and prevent heat stress

    Summer has arrived in Southern Africa and the temperatures are soaring. This can lead to high levels of discomfort, not only for humans, but also for animals and poultry in particular. When temperatures are too high, poultry can suffer from a condition called heat stress. This can cause fatalities, reduced growth, and poor egg quality. […] More

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    Poultry production guide – Part 6: The correct steps in the slaughtering process

    A few steps need to be taken to get the chicken from the farm onto your plate. This process can make some people uncomfortable. The good news is that in modern abattoirs the utmost care is taken to ensure that the poultry is despatched in the most humane way possible, without causing the animals any […] More

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    Poultry production guide – Part 5: Process your poultry to boost your profit

    A farm is above all a business and should therefore be operated on sound business principles to be successful. In order to expand your poultry business to become a real poultry producer, you will need to focus on poultry processing. Processing, when done correctly, will enable you to market your product to an entirely new […] More

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    Zambian Pig Genetics: TN70 sows will push profits

    New and enhanced genetics is like a fresh breeze for every farmer and we salute the scientists who went through painstakingly precise, experimental processes to ensure that farmers can farm easier and more profitable. The piggeries in Africa will rejoice in the arrival of the TN70 genetics, developed by Topigs Norsvin, a worldfamous Dutch pig […] More

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    Poultry Production Guide – Part 4: Free-Range is the perfect way to start your poultry farm

    During the past two decades there has been an increased demand for free-range farming practices in the poultry industry. This was the result of people learning of the cramped spaces and diseases that occurred on some farms where chickens were farmed in conventional batteries. Although the lack of space for chickens in battery cages cannot […] More

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    Making profit from poultry – Part 2:

    Capital investment is needed for any business. It can often be very expensive with larger types of livestock, but it does not have to cost a lot of money to start your broiler business. Basic equipment can be bought or made from available material. Your ability to manage the broilers effectively will play the biggest […] More

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    Manage your water supply with Tiger Feeds: Good water quality – better performance of your birds

    It is almost impossible to overemphasise the importance of good quality water for poultry flocks. A chicken consists of 70 percent water; a loss of only 10 percent of that water will result in the bird’s death. And, a single day without water will cause a layer to stop laying. Water molecules consist of two […] More

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    Making profit from poultry Part 1:

    Broiler and egg production are becoming increasingly popular among small-scale farmers. It is relatively easy to raise broilers and you do not need a lot of space. The initial costs are also lower than for other forms of livestock farming, and it has a good return on investment. Chicks can be bought from chick breeders […] More

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    Animal nutrition: BIOMIN has the guts to be pioneers

      Healthy animals are happy animals that perform better and thereby put more money into the farmer’s pocket. BIOMIN is a leading company focusing on health in animal nutrition and produces feed additives, supplements, functional feeds and premixes to improve animal health and performance. BIOMIN released several exciting new products, concentrating on poultry, at their […] More