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    Bekend, betroubaar, John Deere

    Die ryk reuk van nat grond na ’n reënbui en ’n John Deere-trekker en -planter. Dit is die dinge wat ’n Suid-Afrikaanse boer se hart vinniger laat klop. In die vorige uitgawe het ProAgri geskryf oor die nuutste John Deeretrekker wat die slimste trekker nog is, maar waar het dit alles begin? Hoe het dit […] More

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    Reinke – Protect your irrigation system with preventative maintenance

    The planting and spraying season is upon us, and as farmers plan for irrigating crops this summer, they need to consider what they are asking of the center pivots around the coun­tryside. The pivot is the only piece of machinery that a farmer owns that sits out in the elements 365 days a year. The […] More

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    Cleverest ever John Deere four-track tractor surprise in SA

    The smart, powerful new John Deere 8RX – the industry’s first fixed-frame four-track tractor with four caterpillar tracks, will also be launched in South Africa in 2020. The 8RX combines artificial intelligence, electronic control through the internet, and advanced automation, which will help farmers to farm more efficiently. The newly developed tractor was recently recognised […] More

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    Widen crop planting borders with the LEMKEN Azurit

    Every farmer knows the secret of harvesting a bumper crop lies therein that every planted kernel should have an equally good chance to develop into a strong, healthy plant. This can only happen when all kernels are planted at an equal depth in a firm seedbed equally spaced from each other; it is then when […] More

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    A giant step ahead for precision seed planting with Jumil

    Rain coming down in buckets, sweeping valuable topsoil away and causing erosion, was the main motive for crop farmers in Brazil to rethink their soil cultivation methods and obsolesce the ages-old share plough (or even more modern mouldboard plough) The development of skills and the necessary equipment for no-till was the incentive for putting this […] More

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    John Deere brings new tech for precision farming

    John Deere is putting forth new enhanced technology on a broad basis in Sub-Sahara Africa and is also assisting South African farmers to farm even easier, quicker and more efficient than before. John Deere recently joined forces with third party companies which cooperate with them servicing farmers with their processed data, and invited them to […] More

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    Scania does more for clients: New workshop and truck-stop on north-south route

    Scania leads where others try to follow. Over the past 128 years the company has fine-tuned their recipe for success. One of the core values that they have based their business on, is customer service. This served as the main motivation behind the new Scania workshop opened in Klerksdorp, on one of the main routes […] More

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    Farmers don’t boast about MF 6700R tractors – they tell the truth!

    When a farmer talks about his Massey Ferguson, it is done with great respect, appreciation and love. Sometimes it might sound like a first-time love affair, which may not be totally wrong, because a farmer’s Massey Ferguson is as near to his heart as his first love. Possibly it might even come first because husband […] More

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    Inttrac Trading blink soos ‘n nuwe sikspens

    deur Jaco Cilliers Inttrac Trading is ‘n bekende naam onder die boere. Hulle is alombekend as “die plek met die trekker op die paal.” Maar hulle is nie net bekend vir ‘n uitstaande kenteken langs die R59-deurpad nie. Hulle is ook bekend vir hulle diens aan boere. “Ek wil graag hê dat die boer my […] More

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    CLAAS is BAAS met toekennings vir masjien van die jaar 2020

    Net die beste is goed genoeg in vandag se boerderye. In ‘n wêreld waar mededinging al hoe strawwer word vereis boere net die beste van werktuigvervaardigers. CLAAS het die voortou geneem by die Agritechnica skou in Hanover, Duitsland vanjaar en spog met niks minder as drie toekennings nie. Die Lexion 8000/7000, Jaguar 900-reeks en die […] More

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    Plant with the Xfarm NTX disc planter; get bigger yields

    Xfarm is a common name amongst farmers when it comes to the best planters for conservation tilling. “We have been involved in the development of suitable, efficient planting implements for the South African farmer,” says Rinus Willemse, managing director of Xfarm. This firm designs and manufactures their implements so that they can prepare a perfect […] More

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    Farmers trust Agri Shalom for quality and durability

    The many satisfied farmers all over South Africa trust the dependable farm equipment designed and manufactured by Agri Shalom. Jan-Abraham Strauss is the proud owner of Agri Shalom which has its factory in Bloemfontein. They have been manufacturing farm equipment of the highest order since 1906. Today Jan-Abraham has a core of 20 experienced employees […] More

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