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    ProAgri Zambia 46

    Farmers and mines don’t have to be in conflict with each other. If we think about it, they actually need each other. Mines need a lot of fresh food for their permanent and contract workers and can provide a very lucrative market for farmers’ produce. The time has arrived for agriculture and the mining industry […] More

  • ProAgri Zambia 45
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    ProAgri Zambia 45

    The hand of China is visible in many aspects in Zambian life, and it is growing at a significant rate. Almost all of the infrastructure like stadiums, airports, roads, power stations and dams that popped up everywhere in the recent past, have a stamp of Chinese craftsmanship. Zambia is an important part of China’s “One […] More

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    ProAgri Botswana/Namibia/Zimbabwe 01

    Africa does not always make sense. A huge share of our food security depends on those invisible millions and millions of small farmers who work the land where there are very weak or no cell phone signals, where shops are far and wide apart, where disposable income is limited and where agricultural support, extension services […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 044

    We are on serious load shedding again. Since the beginning of the month, areas all over the country are taking turns to experience darkness and silence for up to six hours per day. Some places may even experience longer blackouts beyond the scheduled times, on short notice.   According to Zesco, the main reason for this […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 043

    The ACSZ Show was almost a no go a month or two ago when the Ministry of Agriculture announced that all agricultural shows were cancelled due to the heavy droughts. Luckily, the ACSZ Show fought back and missed that curfew. Although Zambia experienced heavy droughts over the past 3 years, it didn’t stop the agricultural […] More

  • ProAgri Zambia
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    ProAgri Zambia 42

    Government tell us they are all about developing agriculture, with their most important focus the upliftment of subsistence farmers to become small and medium-scale farmers. A smallscale and bigger farmer can start to produce a surplus, which has multiple obvious benefits for the government, like more tax income, economic growth and food sustainability and security.    […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 41

    Agricultural shows are a lifeline for the agricultural sector. It entails much more than farmers coming together to drink and eat and having idle chats about their day to day activities. At agricultural shows, very important networking is done, new products with the sure purpose of driving the industry forward are introduced, vital training is […] More

  • ProAgri Zambia
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    ProAgri Zambia 40

    Agritech Agritech Agritech… This 6th show in Chisamba on the premises of the GART farm proves once again to be the best agricultural show in Zambia and it is growing rapidly every year. The organisers, Spintelligent, all the way from Cape Town, once again did a fantastic job organising and presenting the show. To draw […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 39

    Agritech is the talk of the town and all the whose who’s are finalising their plans to attend the three-day show. This year, the organisers promised an even bigger and better event. ProAgri Zambia’s Agritech map will be in the copies to be handed out at the show, in case you left yours at home. […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 038

    We recently celebrated International Women’s Day and for us as agriculturalists, the huge role of women in our precious industry immediately comes to mind. At the recent Women in Agricultural Conference in Lusaka, the rich, ongoing and indispensable impact of the beautiful gender was also celebrated and highlighted. Better and smoother ways of making this […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 37

    2019 is in full swing and more than ten percent of the year is behind us already! The year kicked off on a low note with the outbreak of fall army worm, especially in the Kitwe region. The good news is that the Ministry of Agriculture started to distribute pesticides against this devastating creature in […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 036

    As Africans, not all of us are lucky enough to farm close to the equator where rainwater is in abundance. The further we move away from the centre line of the earth, the bigger the risks and the tougher it becomes to plan our farming operations ahead, since rainfall can stay away for inconvenient long […] More

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