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    Irrigation made easy – Part 16: Mini-sprinklers and garden sprayers

    Thousands of people all over Africa rely on community gardens to provide them with food and an income. Community gardens constantly gain in importance in poor rural communities. Irrigation plots are small, and it is often difficult to plan appropriate systems using conventional irrigation technology. Some of the equipment used to irrigate small areas in […] More

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    Irrigate without restrictions with Irrigation Unlimited

    Irrigation allows you to grow crops despite the drought, although irrigation also has its limitations. Irrigation systems such as centre pivots demand high input costs, and the maintenance and operating costs must also be considered. Another concern is that the corners of your fields tend to remain dry and unused because farms are not laid […] More

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    Do you want to become a Reinke Irrigation Systems Dealer? Join the best irrigation dealer network in the industry

    Reinke is expanding their dealership network in selected markets By joining the Reinke Dealer Network, you’ll become part of the team leading innovation in agriculture. We’re looking for dealers who are committed to helping farmers work more efficiently while providing them with great customer service. At Reinke, our Dealers are the backbone of our business […] More

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    Irrigation excellence: With Valley you need nothing more

    A vital step towards boosting your production and profit is the erection of a pivot on your farm. Once the pivot is set up and irrigating your crops, or pastures for your livestock, it is only the beginning of your irrigation journey. Like any other piece of equipment, you will learn how to utilise and […] More

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    Irrigation made easy Part 15: Portable hop-along or dragline systems

    Hop-along and dragline systems are designed to reduce labour requirements on portable systems. Each time the lateral is moved, several movements of the sprinkler can be made before the next lateral move. This allows the labour team which moves the lateral to perform other tasks during the day. The lateral on dragline or hop-along systems […] More

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    Reinke: Don’t forget your midseason preventative maintenance

    It is important to make sure your pivot is operating in tiptop shape no matter what time of the year. Now that preseason preventative maintenance has come and gone, the next step is to identify what you should focus on during midseason. By following the midseason preventative maintenance checklist, you will be able to ensure […] More

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    ‘n Belegging vir die toekoms Valley: Die spilpunt wat aanhou – seisoen ná seisoen

    ‘n Allernoodsaaklike deel van duisende boerderye wêreldwyd is die spilpunt. Spilpunte word gekies op grond van hulle betroubaarheid en lang lewe. Boere wil die versekering hê dat hulle beleggings hulle dekades lank sal bevoordeel. Valley-spilpunte is bekend vir hulle lang lewe en duursaamheid, maar ook vir hulle betroubaarheid en doeltreffendheid. Hierdie eienskappe is immers te […] More

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    Agrico maak kleinveeboerdery ‘n groot sukses

    Dit is ՚n algemene wanopvatting dat spilpuntbesproeiing te duur is vir kleinskaalse veeboere. Sommige boere glo dat graan op groot plase geplant moet word om die kapitaalbeleggings en lopende koste van ՚n spilpuntbesproeiingstelsel te regverdig. Agrico bewys egter dat dit glad nie die geval is nie. Johan Rossouw, ՚n skaap- en bokboer van Heidelberg, net […] More

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    Reinke’s warehouse in Durban has stock for Africa in Africa

    An abundant harvest of healthy crops is every farmer’s dream. A Reinke centre pivot makes this dream come true. Reinke is the largest privately-owned irrigation company in the world. This American company has been expanding to Africa for several years. In August 2017, the first stock arrived at their new warehouse in Durban. This warehouse […] More

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    Agrico plays a pivotal role in small-scale farming

    A common misconception is that pivot irrigation is too expensive for small-scale livestock farmers. Some farmers believe that they need to plant grain extensively in order to justify the capital investment and running costs of a centre pivot irrigation system. This is clearly not the case, and Agrico proves it. Johan Rossouw, a sheep and […] More

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    Irrigation made easy Part 14: Types of sprinkler irrigation systems

    Portable systems (with or without fixed, buried mainline) Both the lateral and mainline are assembled from portable quick-couple pipes. Sprinklers are mounted on the portable lateral pipes (Figure 1). Pipes are uncoupled and moved by hand between each set (Figure 2). This type of system is extremely labour intensive. In a large field, a team […] More

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    Besproei sonder inperkings met Irrigation Unlimited

    Besproeiing sorg dat jy ՚n oes kan maak ten spyte van droogte, maar besproeiing het ook sy beperkings. Besproeiingstelsels soos spilpuntegaan gepaard met ՚n groot insetkoste en die instandhouding en bedryfskoste moet dan ook nog in berekening gebring word. Dan is daar ook uitvalhoeke wat droog en onbenut bly omdat plase nie in sirkels uitgelê […] More

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