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    LEPA irrigation with Agrico: Onion farmer finds multiple benefits

    Innovation is more important than ever before in modern agriculture. The industry as a whole is facing huge challenges, from rising input costs, and a shortage of labour, to changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability. Andries Groothof, the third-generation farmer of Adaja Boerdery, near Settlers in Limpopo firmly believes that blooming where you […] More

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    Crop production in Namibia Part 1: Background and overview

    Agriculture as the backbone of Namibia’s economy has a major role to play in achieving Vision 2030. However, to be able to make a significant contribution towards the growth of the economy and thus wealth creation, agricultural production/output must  increase manyfold. For the realisation of such an increase, the following crucial issues must be addressed: […] More

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    Managing Pests in tomato, peppers, potatoes and tobacco with Plesiva™Star

    With temperatures rising, growers are experiencing increased pest pressure from common insects such as lepidoptera, aphids (aphidoidea), and whiteflies (aleyrodidae). Growers should follow recommended key steps to ensure they get the correct insecticide for their pest infestation before buying any insecticide. Syngenta offers a range of insecticide solutions. Our newest addition to our range is […] More

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    Balanced crop fertilisation: Increase your yield and profitability

    Plants require chemical elements to build up their bodies and to produce fruits, consumed by animals and humans. Among 63 elements listed in Mendeleev’s periodic table, 17 are the most important for plants. They are classified into non-mineral nutrients and mineral nutrients. Non-mineral nutrients or non-fertiliser elements are those that are found in the air […] More

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    Good news for stock farmers: Reach success with Yara’s Bolifor Magnesium Sulphate (MGP+)

    Every successful stock farmer knows that there is a shortage of phosphate in South Africa’s grazing. Therefore, they give their animals summer and winter phosphate supplements to ensure optimal production and reproduction. But there is more: Research and experience show that production and reproduction can be increased even further when the phosphate supplement is combined […] More

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    Valley 365: Connected Crop Management

    The Next-Level Solution Get ready to take your farming technology full circle with Valley 365®. This single sign-on platform unites the best features of our top-rated remote management tools into one easy-to-use interface delivering real solutions. We’ve taken the functionality of existing technology like AgSense®, Valley Scheduling™, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and Valley Insights®, […] More

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    Irrigate without restrictions with Irrigation Unlimited

    Irrigation allows you to grow crops despite the drought, although irrigation also has its limitations. Irrigation systems such as centre pivots demand high input costs, and the maintenance and operating costs must also be considered. Another concern is that the corners of your fields tend to remain dry and unused because farms are not laid […] More

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    Mieliekopsimptome met buiteregistrasie: Laat aanwending van glifosaat

    deur Philip Fourie, Pioneer Landboukundige Voor die gebruik van glifosaat as ‘n na-opkoms onkruidbeheermeganisme in mielieverbouing en later, sojas, katoen en kanola, was die Suid-Afrikaanse produsent uitsluitlik afhanklik van slegs vooropkoms-onkruiddoders soos atrasien en grasdoders – van die asetanaliede groep. Die vooropkomsmiddels is steeds in gebruik vandag, maar as gevolg van die oordragingsgevare van atrasien […] More

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    Die belangrikheid van plantvoorbereiding

    Deur: Neels Faber, Pioneer Landboukundige Ons bereik amptelik die tyd van die jaar wat al die boere hul grond gereed maak vir planttyd vir die opkomende seisoen.   Vir optimale plantvoorbereiding word daar gefokus op twee hooffaktore, naamlik bemesting en goeie saadbedvoorbereiding, waarvan elkeen, in sy eie opsig, krities belangrik is in die praktyk. Die […] More

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    Voorkom en beheer dikvoet in koolgewasse

    Teleurstellende en verwoestende nuus vir enige koolgewasboer is sekerlik die verskyning van dikvoetsiekte op die plaas. Dikvoet is ՚n vreesaanjaende siekte vir enige Brassica boer, daarom moet die boer deurgaans bedag bly om die siekte te identifiseer en sy boerdery fyn bestuur om steeds produkte te lewer. “Produsente moet aanvaar dat dikvoet deel van die […] More

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