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Buy a LEMKEN planter for peace of mind, reliability and after sales service

Hannes Bruwer from Genade-boerdery, Hopetown, planting wheat with his LEMKEN Solitaire 9 in combination with his Rubin 10 cultivator.

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For the best technology, uniform plant depth, and precise seed placement, the LEMKEN planter is the ultimate answer. Furthermore, LEMKEN implements are the strongest in the country.

The LEMKEN Soltair 9 is the best fine seed planter for wheat, barley, alfalfa, feed sorghum, beans and teff. The Solitair 9 can be used on its own or mounted on a Rubin, Heliodor, or Kristall seedbed cultivator to prepare perfect seedbeds for seeds to develop into healthy plants.

The planter is 6 metres wide, carries 1,8 tonnes of wheat seed, and plants in rows of 150 mm. A tractor of 200 to 220 kW is needed for the combination of the planter and a LEMKEN compact disc harrow.

Northern Cape farmers explain why they are so impressed with the Solitair 9 planter:

The Bruwer family of Genade-boerdery, Hopetown and Douglas

Hannes Bruwer:

“The planter is very versatile. It plants from canola at 3 kg/ha to wheat at 200 kg/ha. The small row interspace is most welcome for weed control, as the plants quickly form a canopy.

“We never had any problems with LEMKEN’s after sales service. They establish relationships with their clients.

“I like the combination of the Solitair and Rubin 10 with its larger discs. The Rubin 10 smooths out rough and uneven soil to form a perfect seedbed.

“Another important benefit of LEMKEN’s implements is that they can either be used separately or in combination.”

Blackie Swart, Area Sales Manager of LEMKEN, Gerhard Bruwer, Vicky (Junior) Bruwer, and Jacobus Beyers, Service Technician, on the Bruwer’s farm at Douglas, South Africa.

Gerhard Bruwer

“LEMKEN’s planter combination is a major benefit, as it reduces the need for other cultivations and save on costs. The seedbed and planting mechanism are ideal to suit any farmer’s needs.

“It can plant approximately 30 hectares before being replenished, and plants between 5 and 15 km/h, which means you can easily plant 50 hectares per day.

“The Solitair 9’s electronic seed-metering adapts automatically to the tractor speed.”

Vicky Bruwer

“LEMKEN helps the farmer to save on cultivations with their multi-purpose implements. The soil to seed contact is very good, and the rows are narrower than those of a conventional planter.

“Every morning we check the whole machine and apply lubrication to all the necessary parts. This helps to prevent breakages and unnecessary wear. We also take care to stock enough basic parts to make sure that the planter will not be idle in busy times.

Hein Mülke and Brian Jaarts, Foreman, with Hein’s LEMKEN Solitair 9 planter.

Hein Mülke from Zoutpansdrift, Douglas

“Look, the German’s do not manufacture junk. LEMKEN definitely offers equipment of the highest quality. The availability of parts is no problem because parts and service are available wherever LEMKEN implements are sold. Their service is exceptionally good.

Wrench Cilliers

Wrench Cilliers, Foreman of Depla-boerdery, Douglas

“Any implement that lasts on this farm must be good, for here we work hard and long hours. LEMKEN’s equipment perfectly suits our whole setup. The Solitair 9 planter is an accurate and first-class planter.”

Wrench also uses various other LEMKEN implements, and they all impress him.

Kerneels Greyling

Kerneels Greyling (Junior) from Frankdale, Prieska

Two of the first farmers between Prieska and Douglas to acquire a Solitair planter were Kerneels Greyling and his father.

“I am most impressed with the planter combination, and it keeps me busy because all my neighbours ask me to help them with the Solitair planter.

“The reason for their requests is the Solitair’s seedbed preparation and accurate seed placement. The calibration is very precise and very user friendly.

“LEMKEN’s people render superb service and they are definitely moving forward with the technology.”


Org Teesen from Otterfontein, Koster

“Pastures planted with LEMKEN develop uniformly, leading to a far better harvest. I have not used any other planter in the past five years. When a farmer uses the Heliodor in combination with the planter, he saves on fuel and needs fewer tractors. The seed is gently placed on a predetermined, adjustable depth – not simply strewn out and covered. The uniform emergence also helps a lot and makes cultivation after emergence easier.

“In the morning, I fill in the hopper with enough seed for the day, and no replenishment is necessary during the day.

“It is easy and simple to calibrate the planter, and it takes only ten minutes. This is how it works: You look at the weighing chart on the side of the planter and choose your type of seed from one of the five settings. Everything works electronically. You use the electronic scale to weigh the quantity of seed you wish to place per hectare and read it in on the screen. Then the planter calculates the hectares and weigh it against the quantity of seed by itself. Never was I more than 12 kg per 50 hectares out. You can calibrate your planter precisely.”

SW Hugo from Lakewarden, Bloemhof

“The technology is of high quality and it is a good, sturdily constructed product. LEMKEN’s service is in a class of its own. It is definitely worth your while to acquire such a planter.

For more information on the planter, contact Karel Munnik at +27 (0)82-412-2577 or; or Blackie Swart at +27 (0)82-404-9651 or, or visit

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