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Bullseye bargains for hunters at the ECM stand during NAMPO

ATN Bino-X

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The opening of the hunting season coincides like a bullseye with NAMPO 2019, where farmers will have a last opportunity to do some final shopping before they depart for the various hunting realms. It would be silly to spend the end-of-season cheque on farming needs only – not with so many special offers to be picked up at NAMPO!

ECM is a major and knowledgeable importer of firearm accessories and has come a long way with Suidwes Landbou, which has a number of commercial outlets in the Central/Northern hunting region, and who will again exhibit a range of ECM products at their stall during the NAMPO Show.

Binoculars kept pace with the breathtaking opportunities offered by technological development. The new BinX-HD 4-16X from ATN has an obsidian core – an extremely fast and powerful integral processor to drive the series of functions it offers to the user. For the hunter or hiker finding his way in the wild the unit has a built-in compass, 3D-magnetometer, acceleration meter, GPS, altimeter, and geo marker. The scales of these functions are shown on the side of the screen so that it does not interfere with your vision. The intuitive function can integrate all the above functions to provide you with route proposals, or to calculate a short cut, whether you are on the move or standing still.

Stretching the pleasant experience even further, the high definition photos or videos that you captured of the route with the aid of a WiFi module and app on your smart card can be sent to a smart television to share your adventures with family and friends. The images can also be loaded on a memory card of up to 64 gigabytes. The binoculars has four times optical enlargement and sixteen times digital enlargement, while a stabilising function is employed to guard against camera shake. In twilight the night vision function can be activated, which can recognise a person up to 300 metres away. The BinoX-HD is safely encased in a weather resistant casing to resist extreme conditions.

ProAgri readers could already read extensively about the X-Sight 4k-series. This high definition day and night electronic telescope will be the last one that you buy because it can just about do everything! Your hunting need not stop anymore after daylight has waned. You merely have to press a button to switch over to the night sight function. A fully charged battery operates it for 18 hours.

The Dual Core processor, and the revolutionary software, allows functions such as one-shot zero setting to adjust the sight quickly, automatic range calculation, real-time image transmission to smart appliances and simultaneous storing, as well as kickback activated video (RAV) which stores the recorded images before the shot. The built-in ballistic calculator employs sensors to measure distance, wind factor, the weapon’s profile, angle to the target, temperature and humidity to provide you with an unbelievable hunting experience.

With the X-Sight 4K a person can be recognised in the dark up to 300 m away. It is made of tempered aluminium alloy. The electronics are designed to withstand the kicking action of high impact weapons. The telescope can be mounted on a wide variety of weapons.

Trijicon RS30 4.5-30 x 56

Trijicon has already become a household word in military circles but these optical sights serve just as well on hunting rifles. The Accupower RS30 4.5-30×56 FFP and SFP models are particularly suitable for long distance hunting rifles. The extra low dispersion glass ensures excellent colour definition to give you that extra sharp image of the target, and a complete multi-coated anti-reflective lens virtually eliminates all glare and light loss.

 A powerful zoom function makes it easy for precision marksmen, long distance hunters and tactical marksmen to find their targets at any distance. The 0,25 minute of angle measuring units per click makes the precise finding of the target very easy.

The 56 mm objective viewfinder allows enough light to pass through, even in bad light conditions. Your gunsight can also be set between five red and five green brightness levels to enable you to still do your shooting in almost any brightness conditions.

A robust, aeronautical quality, hard-anodised aluminium casing protects against the worst of weather conditions and hard treatment.

Suidwes also offers tactical reflex images for pistols and ARs.

Safariland holster (pistoolsak):

Safariland 7378 7TS

The few milliseconds it takes to pull a hand weapon may mean the difference between life and death. The Safariland® Model 7378 7TS pistol holster will not let you down in those critical moments.

Much thinking has gone into making the fast pulling action take place faster than the rest. A hidden ALS® button is placed where one’s thumb will naturally pass when you go for the weapon. When this button is depressed, the weapon is free but someone else will not be able to do it so easily. An additional cover can be mounted over the button so that someone standing behind you, can also not get to the gun.

 The holster has been designed in such a manner that it can be carried in various places on the body and is made of a non-chafing SafariSeven™ nylon mixture. The holster was tested in extreme heat and cold conditions, can be cleaned easily and dries quickly after a wash,

Do visit the Suidwes exhibition at the NAMPO Show to view the ECM product range or to purchase what you desire. You can also go to the internet by visiting for more information, or go to your nearest weapon or agricultural equipment dealer.

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