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Bühler Isigayo Compact Maize Mill

This maize mill supplies rural areas with affordable mills to make improved nutrition a viable business.

Isigayo is a simplified down scaled version of an industrial maize mill.

It includes:



•conditioning (adding water)





•bagging and packing both by-product and maize flour

It has the following advantages:




•High quality maize meal

•High return on investment

•Training for operators

Target segments of the IsigayoCompact Mill:

-Township Millers andCommunities

-Merchants andTraders

-Rural entrepreneurs

-Commercial Farmers

Compact Maize Mill characteristics

Technical Advantages

  • Accessibilty
  • Compact Design
  • Bühler Quality
  • Reliable processing

Cleaning, tempering and degermination modules

Cleaning involves removal of impurities and foreign materials such as cobs, sand, stones, iron particles, light / fine particles etc. from the maize stream.

Tempering / conditioning involves addition of water. This ensures that the maize is in optimum milling condition.

Bühler’s modern degerminationis efficient in separating of the germ and at the same time removing the pericarp ensuring low fat and high purity finished products.

Mill section

Milling module involves grinding of the endosperm into flour and grading of floury materials, semolina and intermediate mill stocks

Finished product section

  • Flour packing module
  • involves packing of the finished product into 50kg bags.
  • Additive module
  • Involves addition of vitamins and iron (Fortification)
  • Flour scale module
  • Involves weighing of finished product (maize meal)

Bag sizes and packing

  • Maize bags
  • Usually maize is delivered to the mill in 50 kilo bags.
  • These bags are either in woven polypropylene or jute.
  • Finished product bags
  • The flour is packed in any bag size as required.
  • Practically this means 25 and 50 kg bags usually made out of polypropylene.
  • Packing
  • Packing is done manually on the Isigayomill.
  • The capacity of 2 t/h represents 40 bags / hour (1.5 minutes per bag).
  • The weight of the product in the bag is measured using a separate scale.

Technical details

  • Total Mill Pneumatic –92m³/min. (including DRPA lift)
  • Total Mill Aspiration –145m³/min. (including MTSD air)
  • Total kW installed –165kW
  • Need a 200kVa to run plant.
  • Plant can easily be connected to generator.

Recommended man power to run the plant:

Contact Buhler at or send an e-mail to Taryn Browne-

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