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BRAZgrass – The leader in pastures

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“BRAZgrass is the only company that sells ‘bullet seed’, for which they are the sole distributors in Southern Africa. No other Brazilian grass can compete with us,” says Gielie Nieuwoudt, Managing Director of BRAZgrass.

The bullet technology encapsulates the seed and ensures that it only starts germinating once there is adequate moisture in the soil. Then nothing can stop BRAZgrass.

The grass is suited to all soil conditions in Africa. It is especially successful in countries like eSwatini (Swaziland), Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Angola.

“It can be used for grazing pastures, hay, silage, baling and cover crops for moisture retention. It is also suitable for a variety of livestock such as beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, goats, horses and game. The grass can also be used for rehabilitation and integration between crop rotations,” says Gielie.

They pride themselves on the fact that they have already helped farmers to establish more than 100 000 hectares of pastures. Gielie himself has presented more than a thousand farmer’s days in the past ten years.

“Our success lies in the fact that the grass speaks for itself,” says Gielie.

And this is how the situation has improved in the past ten years with BRAZgrass as grazing for animals in drought stricken areas. Farmers who plant it this year, can be sure of having grazing for their animals for the next eight to ten years. BRAZgrass is a NAMPO exhibitor for the past ten years and planted their grass in the first year. It has proved its value as perennial grazing in the ten years – the driest year as well as the wettest in the region in 100 years!

Important characteristics of BRAZgrass:

• Perennial;

• High yield;

• No Prussic acid; and

• The company is the only distributor of bullet seed in the world.

Contact Gielie Nieuwoudt on 084-800-0193, or Heyns on 084-840-1659, or the office on 074-537-4050 for further information about the grass to benefit your animals. You can also send an email message to For further information, visit their website on the internet:

Read more about BRAZgrass here on Agri4all.

The picture above shows how two BRAZZgrass tufts change after rain . . . in a matter of only five days!

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