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Bonnox Ringlok® fencing excels over hills and dales

The 1,8-metre high Bonnox Ringlok® fence looks smart on the gradients of Panbult farm. It keeps unwanted cattle out and Erna’s variety of tame domestic animals in. Erna and Kobus Pretorius are quite pleased with their Bonnox fence.

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If you believe that everything has to be fenced safely in its own domain, Bonnox is the fence that will do it for you.

Kobus Pretorius and his wife, Erna, gave up their town existence for Panbult, their own piece of paradise – a smallholding in the plantations near Amsterdam on the Eastern Highveld in South Africa – when they bought a nine hectare piece of land in 2014.

“I have always had a dream of one day herding a variety of farm animals. I am now living my dream,” says Erna.

The mountainous patch on which the house was built initially formed part of a bigger farm before it was subdivided. This plot is now home to chickens, geese, ostriches, sheep, pigs, calves, donkeys and goats, roaming all over the farm, and, of course, watchdogs. Erna can now pet, caress, care and groom to her heart’s content while Kobus works for a nearby mine.

“When we arrived here, there were fences and camps, but firefighting equipment flattened them with time and it was never maintained,” says Kobus. “Furthermore, the cattle of the local community made a feast of Erna’s gardening efforts.”

The first arrivals on Panbult were ostriches with the idea that they would also act as “watchdogs”, but to keep man and beast safe from the beak and toenails of a fiery ostrich, a proper fence is a prerequisite.

Kobus realised that the slopes would limit his choice of fencing. Standard wire could not do the job on a hilly terrain with cliff and precipice; it simply lies flat or bends and makes fencing an impossible task.

“I then surfed the internet for fencing material. I was aware of Bonnox because I had heard mention of it,” says Kobus. “I then went to their website and saw the Ringlok® design which allows the wire to move up and down and sideways at the fastening points. I phoned them. Zane was most helpful and gave me excellent advice.

Kobus initially bought Bonnox fencing to keep their vigilant ostriches inside.

“I ordered 20 rolls of 1,8 m high fencing mesh to enclose the 2 km around our plot. We could cut some of the wire in half where we needed a lower fence. You cut it a little above the Ringlok® link and bend the loose points over to let the Ringlok® links remain in position.

“I hired a local contractor to erect the fence. He had no previous experience of fencing with Bonnox but quickly understood the principles and method. Erecting the fence became a smooth job.”

Kobus also bought the Bonnox wire clamp which makes the work easy in combination with his wire strainer. The Bonnox fence was laid down all along the boundary, picked up, held in place, strained and fastened.

One of the advantages of Bonnox fencing is that it gives way and then returns to its original shape if an animal runs into it. It is important for Kobus that smaller game on the farm should not be injured. Bonnox is there to protect them against injury.

Two trees have already fallen onto the fence, but Kobus and a labourer simply pulled it upright and it does not look as if any harm was done.

“Initially the contractor and I were both nervous because we did not know Bonnox, but today I am more than satisfied with my wonderful fence,” Kobus says. “Bonnox was the best decision that I could ever have made.”

Phone Bonnox on 012-666-8717 or 076-169-9068 or send an e-mail to;; or, or visit their website at for a quotation.

Sifiso Hlophe, general labourer on Panbult, demonstrates how a Bonnox fence can be repaired in the wink of an eye after a tree had fallen onto it.

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