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Bonnox keep animals in and out – neat, quick and effective

Tyrone Thomas is in control of the Oaksprings plantations and Bonsmara stud.

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Speed and efficiency – two factors worth their weight in gold on any modern farm. Bonnox fencing is an excellent example of an efficient time-saving solution for many farmers. Farmers widely acknowledge that Bonnox provides in all the fencing requirements of the modern farmer and his/her farm.

Peter Thomas and his son, Tyrone, farm close to Mooirivier in Natal. They have an ideal to convert their Oaksprings Farm into a conservation area for the rare animals and birds endemic to the area; simultaneously to promote their stock breeding. Two of the threatened species found on the farm are cranes and oribi (ourebi antelope). Oaksprings Farm also offers a scenic running route through the property.

The dams on the farm form part of the conservation area but had to be enclosed with a proper and neat fence.

There is a dairy factory on the farm – Oaksprings Dairy – a Bonsmara stud and a commercial blue-gum plantation, Smiqae. Precision planning was required to integrate the farming and conservation actions on the farm and keep undesirable elements out. Quality fences make neighbour friendship possible. As many animals of neighbouring areas graze next to the Oaksprings fence, it was imperative to install a solid fence that can really keep animals out and ensure that this fine balance could be maintained successfully.

The thick and sturdy treated wood fence supports are source in the area and provides a neat and pleasing fence with the Bonnox 2.4 m game fence.

“Everybody in this part of the country know the name Bonnox; consequently that was the first and only route that we could follow,” says Tyrone. “In March last year we bought 18 km 2.4 m Bonnox fencing mesh and started enclosing the whole farm. The material was on special offer and we received an appreciable number of free rolls. We also bought the Bonnox clamp bar to make straining of the fence a much quicker en more efficient job.”

Apart from being pleasing to the eye, and the fact that they are less prone to theft than steel supports, a major advantage is that it is easy to staple the Bonnox fencing to them – no hassles.

“I employed two contract workers who completed the fencing in a matter of two months. They quickly grasped the basic mechanics and ended with a really neat and satisfactory result,” says Tyrone.

The Bonnox fence is the ideal solution to keep neighbouring animals out and the Oaksprings Bonsmara stud in.

Tyrone steered away from steel support posts – “they simply disappear overnight” – and opted for treated wooden poles which are easily obtainable in the area. Further a wooden dropper was fastened every five metres, which gives the fence an extremely neat and sturdy appearance. Peter is presently negotiating with the government to buy a neighbouring farm, which encroaches like a wedge into their property, so that it can also be fenced. That will require a further four kilometres of fencing to complete the full project.

The entrance to Oaksprings Farm is clearly marked by the Bonnox fence on either side.

Contact Bonnox on landline 012-666-8717 or cell 076-169-9068, or send an email to,, or to ask for a quotation. You can also visit their website –

Thomas demonstrates how close to the ground the tight lowest wire of the Bonnox fence is to prevent animals from creeping under it.

A beautiful and satisfying view of the immaculate Bonnox fence stretching over hill and vale to the horizon.

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