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Bonnox has a fence for every need

A properly fenced off farm is a secure and organised farm. The same applies to smallholder farmers, since they experience the same challenges as larger farmers.

Jacques Pretorius is a smallholder farmer near Potchefstroom in the North West province of South Africa, who swopped his truck for a flock of sheep. “I was in the livestock transport industry and dealt with contractors who erected Bonnox for the mines. I regularly transported their stock from the Bonnox factory in Pretoria to Potchefstroom,” he says.

“Over time I grew to know the people at Bonnox and learned that their products are very durable. When I compared it to other brands, I realised that the quality is not the same. It is galvanised deeper. The Bonnox personnel were also very helpful and professional, which convinced me to buy a roll with every delivery, to erect my own fence on my smallholding.”

Three years ago, Jacques bought his first roll of Bonnox until he had enough for all his needs. He bought three different types.

“Dorper sheep love to crawl underneath standard strained wire and I experienced a severe setback when they managed to get into my lucerne field. They bloated and many of them died. After I erected a 648 mm high Bonnox fence, that problem disappeared.”

“One night, thieves stole the wheels from my truck and I fixed that problem with a 1 800 mm high fence along the road perimeter. I also placed two strains of barbed wire on top. Now it is almost impossible to scale and very difficult to cut. This was a brilliant suggestion from Bonnox, since I never had to face a burglary again.”

“I also erected a 1 410 mm high fence between me and my neighbour. Before that, stray dogs attacked my lambs, but now Bonnox is keeping them out. Since I erected the Bonnox fence, I haven’t had any problems.”

Jacques used his existing anchor poles and only placed Y-standards and droppers in between. “I managed to erect the fence on my own, without any helpers. And it was a breeze! I made my own straining clamp and it worked very well,” he says. Jacques is particularly impressed with the ease with which different rolls of Bonnox are joined together.

“I will not waste my money on buying other brands. When you erect Bonnox, you know you won’t have to touch the fence for another ten to fifteen years. Bonnox also has a very special offer. If you buy ten rolls, you get one free. It will be worthwhile to go for this
special,” he says.

For your fencing needs, call 076-169-9068, 072-704-8764, 081 863 4543 or e-mail, or Also visit their website at

The 1 410 mm high fence between Jacques and his neighbours keeps out the neighbourhood’s stray dogs.

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