BHBW supports farmers big and small

Barry Hutchinson, Country Manager (right) and Zwide K Daka, Sales Person, with one of the impressive Massey Ferguson tractors displayed at Agritech.

Manufacturers and agents of agricultural equipment realise that Zambia is a mixed market and that they should therefore cater for the whole spectrum of farmers. BHBW, the supplier of a wide range of Massey Ferguson tractors, harvesters, heavy duty agricultural machinery, as well as forklifts and motorbikes, understands this principle and their stand reflected this at the Agritech show. They displayed something to attract the interest of every farmer that passed their stand, may it be a small-scale subsistence farmer or a big commercial farmer.

At Agritech, BHBW promoted two of their brand new packages to assist farmers with their mechanisation needs. The first package is a financial plan where, alongside ZANACO, BHBW offers -5% on the rental term, depending on which model you decide on. In the Massey Ferguson Global Range, this offer includes the 4708 (61 kW), 6711 (83 kW), and the 6713 (98 kW) series. When looking at the long term, this is certainly something every farmer should consider.

The second package offered by BHBW will come in effect by October this year.

This package entails providing thirty qualifying upcoming farmers the opportunity to develop their farming business. They have to undergo a strict screening process to qualify

The farmers will be supported with the equipment they require for production, including tractors, planters and harvesters, from BHBW. Provision is also made for the maintenance of the equipment according to a service plan to ensure continuous production.

Packages will be financed up to 5 years, depending on the farmers’ risk profile, as well as their long-term business plan, and their expected growth.

BHBW has employed a local agronomist to support its clients. The agronomist will visit the chosen farmers on a regular basis and offer agronomical and technical support to ensure that they are able to execute their business plans and also to verify that they are adhering to the terms of their agreement.

The biggest advantage to the farmer is that the package will be financed in Zambian kwacha at a fixed interest rate. This means that the farmer’s repayments will be the same from year 1 until the contract ends.

These upcoming farmers will focus on maize and soy beans, “but we want them to look at all cash crops, including, for example, vegetables, to enlarge their chances of success and ensure that they will have a steady cash flow throughout the year,” says Barry Hutchinson of BHBW.

The goal is to enable motivated small scale farmers to excel and grow.

The most popular attractions at BHBW’s Agritech stand were the Massey Ferguson Global tractor range, for the first time including the MF 5708 cab tractor, which received a lot of interest. Farmers also showed enthusiastic interest in BHBW’s Hardi sprayers and fertiliser spreaders.

For more information about these excellent machines and promising packages offered by BHBW, contact Wise Sibindi T: +26(0) 211-227497 |M Zambia: +26(0) 977-896444 or Barry Hutchinson on +26 (0)96-802-2320, or e-mail him at

The dedicated BHBW team at Agritech 2018 consisted of Gift Syemweene, Zwide K Daka, Ivy Tembo, Kenneth Bende, and Barry Hutchinson.

Barry Hutchinson, Country Manager of BHBW Zambia, demonstrates how the perfectly sized drops for any application are generated by the Hardi Zaturn 2000 mist blower.

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