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    Geskatte mielie-oes is 37% groter as in 2019

    Kommersiële mielies: Die grootte van die verwagte kommersiële mielie-oes is op 15,408 milj. ton gestel, wat 0,08% of 12 040 ton minder is as die vorige skatting van 15,420 milj. ton. Die skatting van die oppervlakte onder mielies is 2,611 milj. ha, terwyl die verwagte opbrengs 5,90 t/ha is. Die geskatte mielie-oes is 37% groter […] More

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    Bovine brucellosis is a chronic herd disease caused by Brucella abortus bacteria, and it negatively impacts on cattle production and reproduction. The disease can also infect other animals and humans. Bovine Brucellosis is a controlled animal disease in South Africa under the Animal Diseases Act (Act No. 35 of 1984), and control measures are currently […] More

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    Petrol down, diesel up for December

    Fuel price changes for December will depend on what fuel you use. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund. Petrol is slated to fall by around 27 cents a litre, while diesel’s price increase has been contained to around […] More

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    TLU SA lê klag van terrorisme teen Julius Malema

    Die dreigemente van Julius Malema oor die polisie is vir TLU SA onaanvaarbaar en ‘n bedreiging vir stabiliteit in die land. Suid-Afrika, en spesifiek die regering, staan op die oomblik voor een van die grootste toetse van geloofwaardigheid en stabiliteit, in hulle hantering van die voorval. Die leier van die EFF het tydens ‘n byeenkoms […] More

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    Beyond the boot: Introducing Hi-Tec’s all-new technical clothing range

    Hi-Tec has always been your foot’s best friend. Now, the launch of their incredible range of purpose-built technical apparel for men and women extends the love to the rest of your body. Featuring rugged and quick-drying nylon construction, ergonomic designs that stretch in all the right places and stylish tailored lines, Hi-Tec’s new technical range […] More

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    Suid-Afrika moet dringend optree teen wanbestuur van land, sê TLU SA

    TLU SA is dit eens dat die afgradering van die Landbank deur die kredietgradering agentskap Moody’s Investors Service bloot ‘n simptoom van die vele probleme in Suid-Afrika is. Die Landbank het vandeesweek aangekondig dat dit nie daarin gaan slaag om uitstaande skuld teen einde November te herstruktureer soos voorheen beplan is nie. Dit sal waarskynlik […] More

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    PlantCatalyst: Deal with fertiliser shortage and increased costs: Part 1

    If we told you there’s a “new” product on the Zambian market that could help you maximise the fertiliser you’re using, leading to better production, even with only two bags of fertiliser, AND increase your profit margins by more than 40%, you’d probably laugh yourself silly, right? Well, you may want to sit down while […] More

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    Irrigation made easy part 8: Irrigation efficiency

    Irrigation efficiency is a term used to describe how much of the water applied through an irrigation system gets stored in the soil within the root zone of the plant and becomes available to the plant. Efficiency is determined by: • How well water is distributed across the irrigated area. • The effectiveness of scheduling […] More

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