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  • in , All your agricultural needs on one convenient site

    The world has changed, and the agricultural sector is no exception. Farmers had to quickly adapt to the strange circumstances that dominated 2020. Shows, auctions and expos that were normally major events had to move to online platforms to conform to COVID regulations. Agri4all is a website that was first launched in 2018. It enables […] More

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    Bayer shapes the future of agriculture through innovative products

    Improving production and profits while minimising expense and effort is every farmer’s goal. Bayer understands this, and continuously develops products that will enable a farmer to achieve these goals. That is why Bayer Zimbabwe introduced three new crop protection products to the Zimbabwean agricultural market during this year. These three products are specifically focussed on […] More

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    Making profit from poultry Part 7: Identify and prevent heat stress

    Summer has arrived in Southern Africa and the temperatures are soaring. This can lead to high levels of discomfort, not only for humans, but also for animals and poultry in particular. When temperatures are too high, poultry can suffer from a condition called heat stress. This can cause fatalities, reduced growth, and poor egg quality. […] More

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    Invest in your growth with Valley Irrigation

    A centre pivot can outlive a farmer if it is built using superior quality material, has a robust design, is well maintained and is reliable. These are all qualities that farmers have become accustomed to from Valley Irrigation. Valley pivots enable the farmer to ensure that his crops will be successful year after year. Hannes […] More

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    Reinke makes rain in the desert

    Namibia is known for its magnificent red dunes and pristine coastline. Normally, people associate the country with the fishing industry that is the economic heartbeat of many coastal villages. Livestock is one of Namibia’s main agricultural export products, despite the country being very arid. The challenge is to produce enough feed for the livestock industry […] More

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    Keep your borehole investment safe with Carl Hamm technology. Don’t throw money into the water

    Factors in safe water abstraction installations Selecting components based purely on a pressure rating is very dangerous and you could possibly lose your equipment.  Carl Hamm considers every variable. Buying the cheapest products is often the most expensive option. Many companies offer cheap products that might end up costing you your borehole.  Chris Munnick, CEO […] More

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    APAC beskerm boerebelange

    Die boer behoort beskerm te word teen uitbuiting deur markagente. Dit is die siening van die Agricultural Produce Agents Council, of te wel APAC. Francois Knowles, registrateur van APAC, sê dit is belangrik dat boere besef APAC dra hulle belange op die hart. APAC is gestig ingevolge die Landbouprodukagentewet Nr. 12 van 1992. Hierdie wet […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 14

    Earlier this month I spoke to an executive from an irrigation company. He said: “Farming is easy. You just add water.” This might be an over simplified view of the very dynamic and ever-changing agricultural industry, but there is some merit in the statement. According to research done by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of […] More

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    Bayer partners with emerging farmers to ensure increased profitability

    Success is attained by people who work together. The English poet, John Donne, once famously said that no man is an island. People need each other in order to survive. It is no different with farmers. Successful farmers did not start out on a commercial scale. Through years of hard work, dedication and gaining expertise, […] More

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    ISUZU helps farmers survive drought

    MERWEVILLE – The drought in South Africa has threatened the livelihood of many farmers. Isuzu, in partnership with non-profit organisation, Farmers Assist South Africa and truck dealer Motus Isuzu Isando, have worked together to reduce the impact of the drought on farmers. To this end the third load of fodder, food and farming essentials have […] More

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