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    Valley’s solar solutions can make your farm shine!

    Irrigation has many benefits, but it needs electricity to function efficiently. Electricity supply is often unreliable, and in some rural parts of Africa there is simply no electricity. Irrigation has therefore not been possible for the farmers in these remote regions. Valley irrigation realised the need for electrical supply solutions for these farmers and can […] More

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    Pioneer: Die regte saad vir elke boer

    Kerk en politiek moet gewoonlik vermy word in goeie geselskap, of so is ons geleer. Deesdae kan ՚n mens amper boerderymetodes ook by hierdie lysie voeg van onderwerpe wat liefs nie bespreek moet word nie. Party boere glo vas dat ՚n skeurploeg en ՚n planter die beste plantmetode is vir hulle omstandighede. Ander hou voet […] More

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    DAB Pumps are leaders in innovation

    DAB Pumps has once again proven to be the leaders in innovation by launching the DAB S4Sun solar borehole solution in South Africa. This didn’t happen overnight and extensive field trails were carried out over a period of two years, prior to going to market.  The S4Sun solar borehole solution was put through its paces […] More

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    ProAgri SA 252

    Riviere vloei van wal tot wal en damme word al hoe voller. Mielies wat skaars agt weke gelede geplant is staan al twee meter hoog. Party is al gepluk vir groenmielies en die reste lê al in kuilvoerkuile. Want tyd staan nooit stil nie en die boerdery moet voortgaan. Terwyl die sikloon Eloïse haarself teen […] More

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    Irrigate 100% of your farm with a made-to-fit Reinke system

    A farmer has to exploit every patch land on his farm to the maximum. It is not part of a farmer’s character to waste anything, especially not something as valuable as power, water or land. Reinke agrees with the farmer and endeavour at all times to assist her/him to irrigate effectively and with cost-efficiency. Reinke […] More

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    Consult Eridanus to invest in farming without own farm

    So many town and city dwellers yearn to be a farmer but practical obstacles prevent them from making their wish come true. Embarking on a farming enterprise demands loads of capital and it normally takes a few years for the start-up farmer to suffer hardship first before her/his farm shows a profit worth mentioning. Apart […] More

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    Reinke Irrigation: The pivot that makes crops and farmers grow

    When choosing an irrigation system for his farm, the farmer should consider: • The most efficient, cost-effective design, • The quality of the components such as pumps and gearboxes • The overall cost per hectare • The availability and quality of after sales service This is according to Graeme Flower, Managing Director of Lomag Agri […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 16

    The new year has finally arrived and hopefully everybody is well rested after the holidays. The farmers have planted their summer crops and are looking forward to a good harvest this season. In 2020 ProAgri also planted seeds that we shall be harvesting in 2021. During the difficult times we persevered and kept our magazines […] More

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    ProAgri SA 251

    Die nuwe jaar het aangebreek en alhoewel ProAgri aan die einde van 2020 ‘n puik redaktrise moes groet, sien ons uit na die jaar wat voorlê. My nuwejaarsvoorneme is om ProAgri op dieselfde hoë standaard te hou wat Annemarie Bremner deur die jare gestel het. Annemarie het die produksiespan geleer dat slegs die beste goed […] More

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    Good news! Valley makes irrigation affordable to Zambian farmers

    Irrigation is the most effective investment that a farmer can make to ensure growth on his farm and in his business. However, this is not a cheap investment and many farmers feel that they simply cannot afford to install large irrigation systems on their farms. Good news for those farmers is that Valley has the […] More

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    Bulldoze your way to improved pastures

    If someone told a farmer that he does not need irrigation, additional seed or fertiliser to improve the quality of his pastures, but rather a bulldozer, most people will lose all faith in his credibility. In fact, bulldozing a pasture is the exact opposite of what you should logically do to improve pasture growth. However, […] More

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