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    Meet the winning team: Valtrac’s Terradisk and APV

    Quality and durable implements simply make more sense in the long run, and Pöttinger’s Terradisk tilling series falls neatly into that category. Charl Theron is a young farmer who a high premium on quality. Last year, he joined his father in law, Paul van Niekerk, on the farm, Boshoek, near Memel in the Free State, […] More

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    Drotsky follows an age-old tradition of unnegotiable craftsmanship

    Drotsky’s iconic red and yellow colours are spread far and wide over Southern Africa, to such an extent that the name, Drotsky, has become a household name for hammer mills. Drotsky is a South African company, based in Alberton, but is taking special care of the Zambian farmer by exporting a carefully chosen range of […] More

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    Green Energy: Your expert supplier of solar and water pumping solutions

    Millions of people around the world live with limited access to water. In many communities, ground water is extracted by electric water pumps that use diesel to fuel their systems.   However, these systems not only require costly, regular servicing and the purchasing of fuel, they emit carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere.  Erratic rainfall also poses […] More

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    Veeldoelige Bonnox werk in ’n veelsydige boerdery

    Bonnox is met reg ’n beroemde en geëerde naam op plase regoor Suid-Afrika. Net soos Bonnox, het Jasmyn-plaas en -padstal by Hartbeespoortdam ook al ’n huishoudelike naam geword. Hierdie veelsydige onderneming kry dit reg om op ’n klein stukkie grond feitlik al die landbouprodukte vir hulle boeremark en restaurant in die dorp te produseer. Hulle […] More

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    Bayer brings the world of seed maize to Secunda

    The mighty Monsanto was well-known for its informative and popular demonstration days presented in past years on their research and commercial farms in the Eastern and Western maize regions. But last year Bayer bought the Monsanto giant and it was decided to rotate the farmers’ days this year with congress days. The Eastern congress was […] More

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    Pineapples thrive under Agrico’s pivots

    A project away from your home country may sometimes be a risk, but presently, Agrico is making a mark on a pineapple farm in Swaziland. The Rhodes Group, well known for their canning factories, last year embarked on pineapple production on the Norsa farm near Siphofaneni. “Agrico already had pivots on the farm for a […] More

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    Stalwart balers show their steel in first baling contest

    Show and tell was at the order of the day when the top round balers converged recently to show their steel in the Valtrac and Farmboek baling competition on Vlakfontein, farm of Jonathan van Aswegen, near Parys. The competition was the first of its kind in South Africa and the result of a notion that […] More

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    Efficient Bonnox fencing is also a lifestyle choice

    Desmond Green prefers the quiet of farm life in spite of being a well-off businessman. When he moved from Botswana he decided to raise his children in the tranquil rural Western Cape setting near Worcester. One of the most important decisions he had to make, was how to fence his property. Desmond en and his […] More

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    Balfour farmers makes a hey-day of their ‘Hay Day’ 

    The Balfour Farmers’ Union does not rest on its laurels when it comes to the success of their ‘Balfour Hay Day’ of the past number of years. This year they again made a special effort which resulted in a most successful farmers’ day. They prepared food for a thousand people and then 1 007 passed […] More

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    Plantation farmers depend on Bonnox

    Crops that take 25 years before they can be harvested have a long period of vulnerability and should therefore be properly protected. If this product is as valuable as timber, the plantation farmer must have extra eyes in the back of his head to ensure that he will gain a proper harvest… or he can […] More

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    Agrico high-tech: A precision tool in a farm toolbox

    Dutoit Agri is a leading and large scale agricultural enterprise; consequently it is involved in a continuous search for ways and means to add further precision technology to enhance their existing high-tech farming methods even more. They recently cleared a major hurdle when they invested in Agrico’s central pivot irrigation systems with its regenerated Advanced […] More

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    AfriKelp mines health from the sea

    The sea hides many treasures.There is one, however, which is not hidden but very conspicuous because of its vibrant colour – the red and brown sea bamboo found in only a few locations in the world’s oceans, of which one is the southern region along the South African West Coast and in the Gansbaai/Hermanus area. […] More

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